Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3D art is AWESOME

Hmm, I have recently got a claim that all 3D art is soulless, and Stinted.  Well, let me show you a few renders out of the thinking box:

These four images are from the CG Society.  Are you going to stand by your opinion that CG is stilted, soulless, and non-dynamic?  Or are you going to retract your previous statement?

Elton Robb


Anonymous said...

Those are very nice. They have a natural look, and give the appearance of fluid motion.

Much better than the two examples that you posted previously. Those two were rigid - hence my comment about the lack of dynamics.

If all computer generated art looked like the stuff you put in this post, I would retract my statement. But as long as the majority look as lifeless as the two in the previous post, my statement stands.

No offense - many people disagree obviously, particularly those who are trying to sell their computer art.

I would imagine the programs to get cg art to look this good are very expensive. Are you able to do anything on this level?

Anonymous said...

I went back and re-read my statement, and I did say "all CG art" so I do retract that statement. I should have said all that I have seen. I will modify that staement to be "the overwhelming majority of CG art."

Until it all looks as good as the pieces you have posted here, it will still be a medium dominated by stiff-posed figures that lack dynamacs.

(In your previous post you wanted me to defend this - do you know what dynamics are in art? Not being snarky - just wondering if I need to define that.)


Elton said...

Yep. I am.

I just need a little guidance (in the form of a book) to get there. Which i have. I can do Vue images that are just as good. Which means, I have to look into the Collada export of DAZ Studio 4 Pro.

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