Friday, May 18, 2012

The UberSurface Shader

So . . .

You've quested for photo-realism using DAZ Studio.  Many people have claimed that the 3Delight Renderer is subpar to Firefly.  And in your quest for the perfect photorealistic render you have done everything possible.  You've played with regular surfaces.  You manipulated the glossiness of your Specularity channel and you've played with the Human Surface Shader, but nothing.  You may have even dabbled in Reality voodoo, but . . . nothing can prepare you for . . . THE UBER SURFACE SHADER!

Kytana, Iconic Kineticist by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

The UberSurface Shader is about as different from the Human Surface Shader as D&D 3.5 is to the Pathfinder RPG.  But as you can see above, you can get some interesting results.  So, where is this confection of culinary 3D delights for 3D confectionary magic?

It's been sitting in your Shader Presets folder, all along.

Above, Kytana, the Iconic Kineticist for PSIONICS UNLEASHED!!! was molded and rendered with this shader for prepared use for a Pathfinder Portfolio and Character Portrait product.  In the next few posts, I'll reveal the secrets of this shader.  In the meantime, I'll petition the makers of Mental Ray to produce a pay for product version of their renderer for DAZ Studio.

After all, this is the shader that can slice, dice, and render your surfaces to perfection.  Join us, in the next few posts for UBER SURFACE MAGIC! :)

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