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What is a Christian?

A primer for Atheists.

So, the question is, what is a Christian?

A Christian is simple, he has taken upon himself the name of Christ.  Yahushua ben Yosif, called Jesus Christ in English.  Jesus has no meaning in Hebrew, the name Yahushua transliterates to Joshua in English and not "Jesus."  Jesus in Greek is pronounced: "Hey Zeus!"   Christ is Christos in Greek, and it means the anointed one.

However, since Yahushua ben Yosif introduces himself as Jesus Christ in the scriptures (Behold, I am Jesus Christ . . . on at least two separate occasions) we will use Jesus.  So, a Christian has taken upon himself the name of Jesus Christ; something that usually happens at Baptism.

So, what does it mean to take upon yourself the name of Jesus Christ?  Well, since the second commandment is "Thou shalt not take my name in vain" there is something in there that is telling.  It means your thoughts, your words, your actions, and your character.  When we take upon ourselves the name of Christ, we are expected to act in a way parallel or liken unto the Christ.

Although as for myself, some people may judge me through my images that I have not been doing so.  This is wrong, I stopped making actual adult images a long time ago with the goal of titilation. :)  This also doesn't include roleplaying games -- Creation is a godly act.  When we play D&D, we are co-creating with each other a story, so it's still godly. 

The Path of the Mystic

The Good Shepherd, an archetype for Christ
As Christians, we should be achieving the status of a mystic.  This doesn't mean we run around casting spells and reading minds.  It basically means that we work on our own Trees of Life.  The Tree of Life, although a real tree, is a personal symbol for each of us.  We can nurture the Tree or we can let it die.

Another aspect of the Mystic is gaining the understanding who we are.  This is understanding the Law.  Call it Attraction, call it something else; the Law of Cause of Effect is how we, as intelligent beings; interact with the Universe.

Thirdly, there is the relationship between you, Christ, and his Father (and our Father).  We are to be friends of the Gods that are (presumably) high above.  When we achieve this relationship, and maintain it, we can achieve a potential greater than we can ever imagine.

Lastly, we have to realize who we really are and seek oneness with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, or the Father. Wait, I know you are probably confused -- I capitalized Father twice right?  The relationship between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost has been greatly confused by the Nicaean Creed.  But we aren't going to diverge into God the Father, God the Great Eternal Father, and Jesus Christ (to do so would confuse you further since this is an introduction on what a Christian is).

The Mystic and the Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments, the holy writ given to Moses by Yahweh (and yes, it's a spectacular thing when you can write on stone with your index finger), are consequences by living a Mystic Life in tune with our Father in Heaven.  By having a powerful relationship with Jesus Christ and his Father, you shall not do the following -- in general:

worship other gods.  This is includes cars, sports figures, hollywood actors, hollywood producers, President Obama (he's worshipped as a God, you know), etc.  But it also includes other supernatural gods such as Thoth, Anubis, Osiris, Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Brigid, and the Creation itself.

make a graven image.  As a mystic and friend of Jesus Christ, you will see his Face in his own due time.  You don't need to make a Christus statue to worship and to be in awe about.  Nor do you need a likeness of Christ to remind you of what he looks like.

Not bow down to the other gods or to graven images.  When you do so, you are showing your devotion to someone else, and the Christ usually interprets this as hate being projected towards him.

not take the name of Christ in vain.  As a mystic on the inside, so you will be on the outside.  What is inside is usually projected outwards.  When you have a positive relationship with the Christ, you will generally not live as a Christian in vain.  Christians who focus on the outward appearance of being a Christian and are something else on the inside are, as you guess, hypocrites.

This is not a provision against profane speech, however.  It's perfectly alright to say "fuck" or "fuckin'" if you have to.  As long as people don't regard you as having a potty mouth (a mystic usually doesn't resort to these words or words like them, however).

remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy.  A mystic, as he understands what the Sabbath is for (Man doing God's work) will seek to make each and every day a Sabbath day.  However, learning this principle, you should know that Sunday, the 1st day of our week; isn't reserved for the sabbath.  The Sabbath is generally on the first new moon after the Vernal Equinox (according to the Parowan Prophet).

you will honor thy father and thy mother.  The Mystic regards his parents highly and seeks to make their name a blessing in the Earth.

you won't commit murder.  As a Mystic, human life is sacred to you; and as such you will not take human life -- or animal life for sport or for fun.  Or out of fear, or revenge, etc.

you won't adulterate your marriage.  Adultery is making profane the marriage bed -- having sexual relations outside your marriage.  Although this also includes homosexual relationships, promiscuous relationships, fornication, masturbation (although someone experimented with this and found he isn't cut off from feeling the Spirit), sodomy, and onanism (coitus interruptus), etc.

you won't steal.  As a mystic, what belongs to your neighbor is his, and you won't take it.  After all, if you understood yourself correctly, why would you need to?

bear false witness against thy neighbor.  This is basically perjury; but lying (distorting the facts, misrepresenting the facts, making up new facts -- ie. fiction) is something you won't do as a Mystic.  Nor as a Mystic would you purjure against or for your neighbor.

thou shalt not covet your neighbor's belongings.  Generally, Economics teaches a Scarcity mindset when it comes to resources.  However, the opposite is true to the Mystic.  The Mystic generally thinks in abundance terms and therefore there is enough for all (enough fish in the sea).

Jesus Christ came to Earth to show us the way.  He showed us by example how we are to live and regard each other.  And Jesus Christ and Yahweh are simply the same entity (being -- Christ doesn't respect Person).  So the same god that commanded Joshua and the Israelites to go cleanse the land of Canaan of it's inhabitants is also the Man that taught us how to live through his life on Earth.  Yahweh also is the name Man that died on the Cross for our sins as well as your sins.

As Christians, we believe on his name and we believe in his Sacrifice.  As Christians, we are expected to live our lives, Believe in his atonement for us that will cover us, and to live our life as the best us as we know how and Christ and our relationship to him will cover our sins and our garments are made white as snow; even as they were scarlet.  Christians are actually the most free people ever.

Next: British Israelitism, Jew Israelitism, and Afro-Israelitism and why I feel British Israelitism is the correct way of viewing the Lost Ten Tribes.

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