Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Athenian Democracy, two Cows . . .

In an Athenian Democracy, you have two cows. You want bigger pasture, so you and your friends go to the assembly to vote on whether to allow you to expand your pasture for your cows.

In an Athenian Democracy gone bad, you have two cows. Your friends are jealous that you have the cows so they vote to take your cows away. They also make up a charge that your herding methods are corrupting the Athenian Youth, so they vote to make you drink Hemlock.

Under Libertarian thought, you have two cows. Your libertarian friends will fight for your rights to keep your cows.

Under the extreme radical feminism: you have two cows. The feminazis come along and convince your cows that they are bulls.

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