Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Galaxies and Dates

Galaxies and Dates. This is a beautiful represenation of M51, which is sometimes called the prototypical Pinwheel galaxy. As you can probably tell, I photoshopped it.

Oh, I actually went out on a date. 1st date in a long, long time. Her name was Whitney, and she has a wild side. A young LDS maiden, she thought that skinnydipping is wild and edgy. So she thought I was cool when I tried skinnydipping.

Unfortunately, she's going to Brazil for 18 months. Yeah, it's unfair. But she's was a nice conversationalist, and even though the date took place in the classroom, it was fun and she was IMPRESSED!

I felt really cool! This is the first time I went out on a date for a long time and it was fun. I'm stoked, I'm ready to date again!

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