Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Come to Atlantis

Atlantis Returns . . . Come to Atlantis, the Lost Continent. . . .

I am working with Storn Cook to illustrate my vision of Atlantis. A place of fantastic imagination and energy in motion. Storn is a fantasy artist. Here's an example:

The picture is that of the Magian, a character in the Birthright Campaign Setting. The Magian is an awnshegh lich, meaning he's an undead character with the blood of a god pumping through his veins. As you can tell, Storn Cook is a good artist. With a few good things

And now, a final review of Atlantis campaign and Roleplaying Game options:


Note: This is not a playtest review.

Atlantis the Second Age is a beautiful book on the Second Age of Atlantis, the lost civilization described by Plato. It also happens to be a Roleplaying Game and it uses the Omni System.

Written by Scott Agnew, Atlantis the Second Age is a roleplaying game based off of the Bard Games' original -- Atlantis the Second Age. I never played the original game, so I can't say how faithful it actually is to the original version.

the cover itself is a gorgeous cover. Queen Isis in the foreground, with part of the Atlantean city behind her. The book details many civilizations from those in North America to those in ancient China and Khemit (Egypt).

The omni system is easy enough to play, with a few additions from the d20 System (3.5 of course). It's also faster than the d20 system, by all appearances. You still use the d20 die, making it a d20 system before the d20 system was devised by WotC.

The magic system is more inventive, you can produce magic effects based on how you want them to manifest. If you want a spell that makes flames of fire lift objects without burning them, by all means you can do so. There is no hard and fast rules to the magic system in Atlantis: the 2nd Age.

After this, a beastiary is included. The bestiary includes everything from Animal men (andamen) to the makera or tritons. So, in short the book has everything you need to play in Atlantis, the Second Age.

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