Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hiro 4

I recently bought the Hiro 4 Pro Pack from DAZ. Here are the results:

Hiro 4 is a morph of Michael 4. The pack includes:

Hiro 4 base.
Austin Hair.
Quain Hair.
Hiro Realistic Textures (ya, baby!)
20 different poses.
11 to 20 different expressions.
Slicer outfit.
Urbane outfit.
Steam Cowboy Outfit.
Nagase Outfit.
And the Lord of Battles outfit.

This provides you with Hiro fun for a long time. ;)


Anonymous said...

Very nice :D

I've got Hiro 4 waiting in my runtime to come out and play. Right now I'm having too much fun with Michael 4 to take him out for a spin. Soon though, very soon....

Elton said...

It gets better! :)

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