Friday, February 20, 2009

Upgrading from DAZ Studio to Vue

I am seriously thinking of upgrading my tools: adding Vue 7 to my list of things to work with. Vue is touted as "incredibly easy to use." DAZ Studio is a great entry way into 3D, but Vue can do things that I can't do with DAZ Studio.

Here is a gallery on a Colleague's website that uses Vue.

Elfguy's Gallery

Another colleague's site:

Akbour's Gallery

Why upgrade to Vue? Well, I'm looking strongly at Vue 7 Pro Studio. It has features I like that I can't find in Carrara (competitive product from Digital Art Zone 3d). Like a plant editor, eco-system support, Render Farm support, and an import system that will import models from other software besides Poser and DAZ Studio.


Anonymous said...

Vue is stunning. It's also way beyond my own humble abilities to master :D

My other half, on the other hand, is an expert. I just stand in her shadow.

Here's her gallery at renderosity (free reg required) containing a mixture of her Vue renders, photoshop work and fine art.

Elton said...

I have an account at Renderosity. Thank you! :D

Unknown said...

Elton, I think you have to change your point of view, using Vue is not upgrading, it is passing from one tool to another.
I use DS most of the time, I just love the way it works, it has become second nature to me, using plug-ins and add-ons, compositing later in Photoshop.
It is my vision of the image I want to create that dictates my choice of tool, when I need an atmosphere, open sky and such I use Vue, I want advanced lightning, especially volumetric lights, I use C4D. But most of the time the basic work is done in DS.

And just by the way, I changed a bit the layout of my site, so you'll have to change the link to my Vue-gallery. ^_-

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