Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Atlantis Concept Art

New Concept Art for my Atlantis Comic. I'm working out concept art for Atlantis. The best part about being a CGI artist is that you can work in 3D and you can create characters using skins, morph dials, and so forth. This character was created using the Shi-na skin and body injection from Heromorph. The base injection is Aiko 4.

The character is an Atlantean slave or kajira. Such slavery is a concept from John Norman's Gor. The series philosophy has been compared to Nazism. Although some aspects of the philosophy is very Darwinistic in nature, the Gorean philosophy is more complex than Nazism. But try as they might, critics have compared the philosophy to Nazism. Has no bearing on Atlantis at any rate.

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