Monday, February 9, 2009

Series Bible

Instead of the pitch, I call it a series bible. I'm currently writing it for Factor 1. I admit that superheroic comics are not totally my bag. My head has been swimming in Dungeons and Dragons like fantasy for so long, to do a Superheroic comic will take a lot for me to pull off convincingly.

I'd have to read a lot of comics, again, to get back in the swing of the Superheroic story style. So, I thought to bridge the two somewhat. Using ideas from Urban Arcana campaign setting; I decided to make a new brand of superheroes that fight threats that come out of the the Shadow World. Perfect job for Factor 1.

Factor 1 wasn't meant to be a new Youngblood, nor have all the prestige of the Youngblood. They fight in an Urban Fantasy. This is a different sort of Superheroes. They fight to keep the people safe from the threats that the Shadow World may bring.

I'm writing up the series bible right now (they still call it a pitch). I'm using DAZ Studio to illustrate the book. I'm hoping it would be an ongoing series. ;)

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