Friday, January 14, 2011

Book of Advanced Magic

is basically done.  I need to add some information on the spellcasting classes in Pathfinder and add a few spells (from Atlas Games' Occult Lore!) in order to make it complete.  I also added some feats from the d20 SRD that is basically forgotten.  These feats include:

These Feats are basically forgotten.  They aren't included in Pathfinder or the APG, for some reason.  But they are in the d20 SRD (geeze, I sound like Carl Sagan) and shouldn't be forgotten.   Each metamagic feat is capable of doing to spells that are different than maximizing them or widening them. :)

The spells I'm adding from Occult Lore are the elemental spells I worked on for the book.  They are perfect for Sorcerers of the Elemental Bloodline and not necessarily Wizards. :)

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