Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More On The Book of Advanced Magic

Having added some important tables, I'm working on adding the various spells in the book of d20 Advanced Magic to the Book of Advanced Magic.  Since all of the spells in the Pathfinder RPG are the spells in the d20 System (with some minor changes -- the infamous Wish has you giving up carbon valued at 25,000 gp (and/or another material component valued over 10,000 gp) in order to work).

Once the spells are done, it's ready to be alpha tested. Note, there is buzz on the Wizards D&D forums of converting this system to 4e (I started the buzz).  I can provide a hard, and fast, and unbalanced way of converting the system -- just put the system in, with its spells, and use Energy Points.

Every spellcaster and prayer sayer would get an amount of energy points equal to his Constitution Score plus +1d6 and run with it.  Not perfect, but its going to take a brave soul to actually convert ALL of the powers to this system and every class has to get Energy points.

Not something I'm going to do, because 4e isn't worth DMing if I can't do everything I want to do with 4e.  Yeah, Greywulf, I can hear you say, "it isn't so."  But you try to be faithful to your inspirations with the system.

I hate levels in 4e.  The system can be broken, but players will be upset.

Anyway, it will be ready to be alpha tested as a Word Document.  Remember, I'm keeping the system intact.  Every spell is going to keep it's original difficulty class with the options of replicating Low, High, and Over The Top fantasy worlds.

Edit:  How can I be impressive with English if I type mispelled words? :)


greywulf said...

We only misspell words because some idiot invented the dictionary :)

I'm happy some (ok, too many) people don't like 4e D&D. The world would be a boring place indeed if we all liked the same things. It's good to now that there's diversity of choice out there, and that's something which should be applauded.

I look forward to seeing your alpha release when it's done.

Elton said...

Oh, it's definitely going to be cool! It's totally based on the Slayers d20 magic system. I'll be offering one alternate option when I'm done. But I added some interesting Metamagic feats that are on the 3.5 d20 SRD, but are totally forgotten.

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