Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Furry Fandom and it's Pornography

Normally, I'd be posting on my own blog about how I've been traversing the waters of the Furry fandom.  However, it would be hypocritical about posting about pornography since I, myself, am guilty of creating Pornography at times on this site and on others.  So, to lessen the stigma of being a porn artist, I thought I'd post my thoughts here.

As a nudist, I often encountered pornography.  In fact, early in my twenties and late in my teens I encountered it often before I was a nudist.  Every day, in fact, I encountered pornography.  The reason was clear, I was avoiding it as the Prophet, Seer, and Revelator at the time counseled us to do (yes, I'm officially, a Mormon).  Oh boy, was I avoiding it!  As a result, I came into contact with just about every type of pornography you can imagine.

So, to deal with it, I had to come to terms as to what I actually desired.  The manifestation of that desire was looking up nudism.  Pow!  Nudity didn't have to be all about sex! Or Attraction!  Or any thing base as it is.  After browsing Christian sites, I learned that the body is good and sex itself, is good too.  Then I learned that my ideas about God is screwed up.  I am guilty of making God in my image (A violation of the Second Commandment) and I seriously questioned the LDS faith.  Is the Church of Latter-day Saints the true Church now?  Or is it not? Note: my question was answered about two years ago when I found the Parowan Prophet's site; I'm convinced that the Church is true because the Son of Man desires to punish us Mormons extremely harshly for being "a disobedient bride," fortunately he sent a prophet to warn those who would listen as to what he was going to do. I'm not surprised that the prophet was rejected.  Most Mormons don't know their own doctrine and don't believe Him or follow his commandments and want their leaders to tell them what they want to hear -- that all is well in Zion, Zion prospereth, and how to attain perfection in this life.  While the Son of Man seethes with anger at his Chosen People -- the Mormons and everyone who lives in America.

I came to the conclusion that the Church is still true even though its leaders and some (or most?  I'll stick with some) aren't.  The church is perfect, the people in it aren't.  So back to Pornography and my nudism.

If you notice my work here, I am doing a comic.  Since everyone expected it to be spicy from the beginning I seriously questioned spicing it.  Isn't there enough pornography -- pictures of people having sex -- on So Furry already?  I came to the conclusion that I was right and rebelled, making a porn comic into a clean one simply by changing it's focus.  I chose to focus on "Nude is not Rude!"  instead of focusing on "Nude invites sex."

So, to the true Antagonist.  This comic is inspired by "The Bare Pit" by Noodtoonist (his first name is Stephen) (  The plan was to finish up the storyline in So Furry and move the comic to Web Comics Nation.  I'm questioning that plan.  The problem is, I'd be abandoning them and they would be left one (or two) clean comic(s) about nudism on a site that has a lot of porn comics. 

Although I don't consider myself to be a furry, I really can't do that.  So I'm continuing to publish my 3D comic there. I still need an Antagonist, though.  The person that hinders the people's natural right to be nude in the comic (it's in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  Having thought about it, this Antagonist would be anti-nude because he thought that Nudism invited sexuality (he's also self righteous and works for the Textile industry by making clothes, he would also be anti-furrydom for much of the same reasons).  Thinking about his roots as a character, I put up his species to a vote.

I figured that if he were a "furry," it would even the playing field.  And voting they are!  So far, Fox is the one in the running.  Oh, as to my feelings about the Furry Fandom, with what I've seen on VCL and so furry, I frankly don't blame the world for isolating the fandom.  Some of the adult stuff is actually very bad, and very shocking. Frankly, there is consequences to our actions, and isolation and ridicule is one of them.

I wanted to post here to see where I can build bridges between the fandom and the mundanes.  Quite frankly, I really don't see how I can.  But I'm going to do it.  It's not really fair for the fandom to separate themselves, or the mundanes to separate you.  The fandom exists in its current form -- and I can't help but think if the Country was chock full of nudists (say, about 1 in 10 Americans were nudists who went nude or bare chested and bare breasted in public) they wouldn't have too much of a problem being accepted.

Although I bet that most of the depictions of sex on that site wouldn't exist (I'd say about 75% of the adult stuff on So Furry wouldn't have been made) because of their quality, I'd pretty much say that sex wouldn't have the stigma that it does have and people would welcome pictures of people having sex -- furry or otherwise.

But we don't live in a "perfect world" yet.  Although, I'd say that the furry fandom is a reaction -- a Reaction to the hypocritical prudery that Americans believe in.  Not the best reaction -- American nudism is that -- but a reaction none the less.  People hate the furry fandom because it exposes them as hypocrites (it's not just the Bestiality -- but the hypocrisy).  The fandom is a symptom, really.  A symptom of how bad our society has gotten in its attitude towards sex, the body, and other things I can't identify.  To become a pure nation and a pure land again, we Americans have to learn how to accept others as who they are and stop being inquitious and thinking of ourselves as separate from others.

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