Monday, May 21, 2007

Family Naturism and Swinging are not the same

From a couple of kindred spirits over at a popular clothing optional; nudist resort:
Now the problem still exists that people who don't know any better, are still confused thinking that swingers are also nudists. (Although some are, it does not go hand in hand). In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a reporter is definately confused. For the full story click here

The reporter writes "You might think someone running a campground named for its nudist policy and dedicated to mate-swapping..." The reporter continues "He bought the campground in 2002 and began welcoming nudists."

Why this problem still exists, I have no idea. But nudism should not be equated with Swinging. Swingers are those who swap their mates for mating; family naturists pass on the value of chaste nudity to their children and set a good example for them by being nude and faithful to their spouses. Now don't get me wrong, but sex is fun. It's the most beautiful, most sublime, and most fun way to connect with your spouse or partner. But this really shouldn't be going on.

This blog may be about my roleplaying hobby, but I also use it for my other hobbies as well. One of these is family naturism. I believe naturist resorts who call themselves famly naturist resorts should cater to the family. De Anza Springs Resort is one of these. So is the Terra Cotta Inn. The more we focus on how Naturism and nudism revolves around the family and chaste social nude functions: the less people will confuse swinging or free sex with the naturist/nudist community. Sexuality is for the family, and naturism is for developing close relationships.

Oh, and to day, I feel uninspired; but I'm still going to put up an article about one of the Greek Philosophers.


Anonymous said...

Nudism is ultimately just foreplay for swingers. Not all nudists are swingers but all swingers are nudists at some point. And after years of first hand experience I can tell you that nudism is infected with voyeurs, pedophiles, exhibitionists and swingers, or wanna be swingers. You know that creepy guy that camps near the kids playground, the guy that hangs around the shallow end of the pool with the kids a little too much, he’s in the shower every time kids are in the shower and finally the biggest kid didler of them all, that fella that does all those activities and fundraisers for the children and the Xmas party for the kids and the kids Olympics etc.
Nudism is full of voyeuristic and exhibitionist men who drag their reluctant wives to the camp and then both of them get drunk and ignore the kids all weekend. And does anyone actually think that it’s ok for parents to shave, pierce and or tattoo their genitalia and run around naked with their kids like that? Nice crowd.
Back to nature? May covered ass! These hedonistic party animals start with the universal happy hour that every nudist camp has around 11AM, with some baked goods, and shots and wine and finally onto the beer, burn some food on the BBQ smoke doobie and look for the kids around 7pm. Then its off to the bare as you dare party in the clubhouse and get even more shit faced.
A civilized god does not want us naked together.

Anonymous said...

I personally wish I could get my wife to to either one.

Elton said...

I beg to differ, Anon. I'm sorry your experience with naturism/nudism turned out badly, but I focus on the good rather than expecting the bad.

Anonymous said...

Being naked is natural and nowhere but by the hand of corrupt organised religion, does the bible teach that being naked is sinful. There are areas of nudity in the bible not related to sex at all.

If any God was against being naked, we would have born with clothes on.

Vimax said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes there is that aspect but by far the minority and that you will find wherever people gather socially. Don't be so judgemental. Have you taken the time to experience naturism first hand. I think if you do you will find it is not the picture you paint.

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