Sunday, May 13, 2007

Going beyond: the future.

I still have more research notes to post as to what kind of foundation that Atlantis 600 B.C. has. Hesiod and Thales are only a tiny scratch on the Iceberg for creating a wonderful Campaign Setting based not on Medieval Culture but on Ancient culture instead. Beyond the Greek Culture are the following cultures that I've researched.
  • Egyptian. The Ancient Egyptian culture has influenced many cultures around the world. It was the first real World Superpower. Egypt and it's Pharoahs extended their influence as far east as Harrapan and as far north as Greece, as far south as Eithiopia, and as far west as North America (Examples of Demotic were discovered in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, and Missouri. Demotic was never found in Central and South America).
  • Ancient Israel. Israel, also known as the Levant, had contributed much more than just the Bible to Western Civilization. The Israelites were among the first to use linear time recording instead of cyclic time recording. The ancient Israelites also was the very first civilization to have an organized religion that had a top-down structure. This religious structure currently exists in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Ancient India. Talk about a civilization that suffered invasion after invasion after invasion; and migration after migration after migration. Modern India is one of the few nations that have an Apartheid system that still works today. The Apartheid that Indians suffer is so ingrained into their culture its hard to separate them from it. Even with revolutionary philosophies such as Buddhism and Jainism. Still, India gave Western Society the first philosophical basis for Nudism and Naturism, and metaphysics. They also contributed plastic surgery, superior cotton fabric, Damascene steel, and the first instance of organic soluable sutures. Mostly in the form of ant heads.
  • The Hopewell and Adena Cultures. Okay, Archaeology, both secular and religious, doesn't know what to make of these two except for the brass and ore tablets left by these two cultures that had Demotic written upon them; and the Mounds! Some archaelogists that specialize in the Hopewell and Adena cultures apply logic: Demotic was written by the Egyptians, the Hopewells and Adenians used Demotic; therefore the Hopewells and Adenians were Egyptian. However, there is very strong evidence to the contrary as to who the Hopewell people and Adenian people actually were.
Since Monday is Nude Blogging Day, I'll be writing two articles. The first will deal with wholesome social and family nudity; the second continues my notes on the Greek Philosophers.


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