Saturday, December 5, 2009

Title my Campaign Setting

Due to someone else publishing a Map with the title "The Known Lands" on it, I thought I should hold a contest to see what title would make it. Here are the candidates!
  • Crysania: The name of my first campaign setting that I've really had a chance to work on while I was in High School. The campaign was for Rolemaster (1989 Red Box). I named it after Crysania, the cleric that Raistlin fell in love with in the Dragonlance Legends trilogy.
  • The Magical World of Earth
  • The Strange World
  • The Isles of Caithness: Caithness is a name that grabbed me when I first read through GURPS Fantasy (2nd Edition, I think. It was in 1990) now GURPS Banestorm. The name of Caithness comes from a county in Scotland.
  • Hyperia: Hyperion feminized. Hyperia is the name of the European-cultured continent on the Campaign World.
  • The Mystical World of Galatea: Galatea ("She who is milk-white") is a name applied to the statue carved by Pygmalion of Cyprus in Roman Mythology.
  • The World of Terra: Terra is the Latin word for Earth.
Well, vote for your favorites!

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