Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Way of the Paladin

* Art Work from Character Portraits, Fantasy Heroines (Mongoose Publishing [Matthew Sprange and company]).

The Way of the Paladin. Paladins are holy warriors who combine religion and war in order to defend their people from evil. They are the epitome of Good and Righteousness, they are paragons of virtue. They fight with a holy zeal and a righteous cause. But any paladin may fall. But the way of the Paladin is glory and honor, and sometimes faith has its own rewards.

So, goes the planned supplement on Paladins. There are three 3 types of paladins in Galatea - Holy, Protection, and Retribution. Each has their own emphasis: the Holy paladins focus on increasing their faith and seek to be true paragons. Protection paladins focus on protecting themselves and others from danger. And the retribution paladin seeks to redress crime, and make what is wrong right again.

All paladins: whether they are Knights of the Blood, or Knights of the Platinum Dragon, or the One -- are ultimately righteous and seek to be pure in thought, speech, and deed. Paladins look to protect their people, and the people see them as shining examples of all that is right and honorable.

Every class has their schools, and so do the paladin. Academies are established by most every race except the orcs -- where the paladin treads a lonely path looking to his own training and defense.

So begins the planned supplement -- the Way of the Paladin.

What am I planning to include:
* A discussion of the Paladin class as a whole.
* Holy Paladins, Protection Paladins, and Retribution Paladins.
* A discussion of the various paladin orders (The One, the Knights of the Platinum Dragon, the Knights of the True Cross, the Knights of the Blood, the Sons of Mars, Athena's Pride, and the Sunreavers).
* New feats.
* New schools.
* School specific spells
* School specific prestige classes

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