Monday, May 3, 2010

Avatar: the Last Airbender and the Orcs of Outland/Archaeron

I finished the series of Avatar: the Last Airbender today.  Saw right up to the end.  And I had a wonderful idea.

The Orcs saved their homeworld from Ilithids/Mind Flayers with the help of the Eladrin that came and taught them the Sacred Word.  Combining the shamanistic elemental ways with the Arcane Magic of the Eladrin, the Orcs developed elemental bending.  The Orcs saved their world by the use of Water, Earth, Fire, and Airbending.

Except they are elementalists.  Through the use of Arcane manipulation of the four elements, the Orcs had forced off the Illithids from their planet and freed themselves.  Now it's been five generations of freedom and the orcs of the Western Hemisphere has split into four political groups.

The Water Orcs live among the Poles, the swamps, and the rain forests as water elementalists.  In Avatar the Water Tribes were the waterbenders.  On Archaeron they are still the Water tribes and are represented by arctic and jungle orcs respectively.  The Earth Orcs live in the deserts and among the plains and smaller hills.  In Avatar these are represented by normal orcs and the Desert Orcs.  The Fire Orcs live in hot places, around volcanoes and volcanic islands of the sea.  They are represented by normal orcs and jungle orcs again.  The Air Orcs live in high mountainous places.  They are represented by high mountain cultures.

The Shamans, while still elemental, represent the spiritual while the elementalists represent the temporal.  The shamans maintain cohesiveness in the culture by way of a society called the Elemental Ring.  On the Eastern Hemisphere, the orcs there maintain many different nations and barbarian tribes as there was chaos when the Mind Flayers left.

However, it is the orcs on the Western Hemisphere that is building a new gate to Galatea.  I think it's a great way to use what I wrote in Occult Lore. ;)  Perhaps, when a 4e version is done . . . *shrug* Fat chance of it happening unless Wizards prints it.  Which they will.

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