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Steal this Campaign Plot!!

This is a Campaign for Eberron

Notes: Not many people seem to like Eberron, and that's okay.  I like the setting, and it's the best setting I bought for 3.5.  As for 4e, I still don't have a copy of the game so sue me.

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Formula: The heroes deal with the machinations of the Dreaming Dark.
Tone: James Bond meets the Maltese Falcon meets 30's cliffhanger action serials
Premise: Battling the Dreaming Dark seems to be a bleak premise for the Kalashtar.  However, a man can change, but can a Quori?

Campaign Description: The heroes are based in Sharn (Sharn: City of Towers would be helpful). The adventure centers around intrigue and noir, but takes on James Bond and Cliffhanger qualities from time to time.  The heroes are expected to work for the Sentinels and/or the Kalashtar with some ties to the Houses.  Sharn's House Deneith enclave acts as the major and minor villains.  However, there are antagonists involved.

Given that this campaign is based on the T.V. series idea we have some interesting characters.

Savaran (LN male empty vessel Psychic Warrior 3): The son of Lord Kaltaresh, Savaran was banished from the Edgewalkers and tasked with an important task.  To find an artifact of Khalesh that has made its way to Sharn.  Savaran is a young psychic warrior that is driven to be accepted back into the Edgewalkers in order to protect Sarlona from the evil Adarans.  He views all Kalashtar as evil and are taught that they harbor traitorous spirits (the Kalashtar Quori).  The Artifact he is looking for is the golden egg of Khalesh.  But his feelings for the Kalashtar overrides his important duties and he will chase any Kalashtar to the "ends of the Earth."
Role: Anti-Hero.  Savaran is like Kaltaresh, someone who is generally not evil but feels that the Kalashtar are evil traitors who betrayed the Quori.  As an empty vessel and the son of Lord Kaltaresh, he is expected to "inherit" leadership of the Edgewalkers.  If it weren't that he were banished for speaking against his superior officer (which was possessed by the Dreaming Dark).  The DM should play him up as a complex young man.

Uncle Dalaskan (LG male Hashalaq Inspired Psychic Warrior 5/Seer 2): The brother of Lord Kaltaresh, Uncle Dalaskan is possessed of a Hashalaq quori that is Lawful Good and one of Kaltaresh's aides-de-camp.  He also believes that the Kalashtar are traitors who should be taken in and destroyed so that they will be reborn.  Dalaskan is supportive of Lord Kaltaresh and the Edgewalkers, and has volunteered to watch over Savaran on his journey to recover the Golden Egg of Khalesh.  He doesn't think that pursuing the Kalashtar is a good idea when the goal is to recover the Golden Egg.  His true motives, however, are to help Savaran realize his true destiny -- helping Kaltaresh become a Kalashtar for his own safety.

Role: Savaran's Guardian.  Dalaskan is actually very sympathetic to the Kalashtar cause.  However, what they did was inexcusable and he wants to see that the Kalashtar are brought to justice.  Dalaskan is a Hashalaq that is shielded by Kaltaresh in Dal Quor, but the Quori knows he can't hide forever.  If push comes to shove, Dalaskan might be forced to ask to bond to his host in the same way that the Kalashtar quori did to the Adaran monks.  But for now he is safe and he advises Savaran on his journey.

Lennora d'Deneith (NE Female Tsoreva Possessed Human Fighter 2/Rogue 3):  An agent of the Dreaming Dark in Sharn, Lennora is possessed of a female Tsoreva quori.  Although a Denieth and possesses a least Dragonmark of Sentinel, Lennora is a girl who is raised to gather information.  Lennora was trained to be seductive, and to use her feminine wiles to the best of her ability.  She can seduce, lie, and cheat to get information out of her men.

Role: Foil.

Gadson d'Deneith (CE Male Tsoreva Possessed human Fighter 3/Monk 4): Looking still in his early twenties, Gadson is incredibly vain.  He has a major mark of Sentinel, and relies on his Dragonmark more than he does on his armor.  He is typically seen in skimpy skin tight outfits as his Tsoreva quori is incredibly proud of his fighting prowess.  Gadson fights without armor and is very good at fighting without armor.  His only weakness is his incredible hubris which can be used against him by a good player.

Role: Antagonist.

Commander Kalashkarn (LE Male Du'ulora Inspired Psychic Warrior 2/Evoker 5): Savaran's Rival.  Kalashkarn is possessed by a Du'ulora quori spirit who is incredibly devious.  Kalashkarn has some psychic ability, but has turned his study to magic -- especially evocation magic.  As a wizard, Kalashkarn is mighty at fire throwing.  However, the Quori gets impatient a lot and has a reputation for being a loose cannon among the Dreaming Dark and the Quori in Dal Quor.  The evil Kalashkarn is generally self controlled except during battle where he uses his magic to strike like a blunderbuss against his opponents.  He seeks the Golden Egg of Khalesh for the glory of all Riedra and for self aggrandizement, versus Savaran's goal of returning to the Edgewalkers in honor.  Kalashkarn has a packmate homunculus as his familiar.

Role: Antagonist and Savaran's rival.

Well, how do you like it?  I wish had some players to play this.

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