Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Trouble with Players!

Okay, so Greywulf said to post something about a class or a race we have troubles with.  Unfortunately, I don't have trouble with any class or any race.  I don't play enough to have any one class to give me grief.  But I do have trouble with one aspect of the game.

I hate to say this, but I have trouble with players.  The reason is, I'm very very liberal when it comes to being a DM.  Liberal!  I'd like to use new rules that I have and use them I must.  One of my favorite rule sets to use is Advanced d20 Magic published by Guardians of Order (I don't know if the copyright has passed into the authors or not).  Most players of 3.x complained when using the rule set.  They complain that it uses too much math.

Excuse me?  too much math?  Are you men or are you mice?  What is wrong with a little math?  Why can't you add and subtract in your head?  The bonuses to spellcasting do mount up that is true.  Especially with Wish having a spellcasting DC of 101. (Wish is the most powerful spell in the entire game, apparently).  I love this rule set and I plan on using it when I get my grubby mitts on the 4th Edition books.  I'm convinced that the rule set is much better than Vancian or the 4th Edition powers set. Although some classes have to be tied to using the powers set (Psionic types and Warlocks mostly); the set works well since it copies the spellcasting you see in books and in anime.  So players, standing rules, we use the Advanced d20 Magic rules.  I love them, I really do.  If you hate them, please note that I'm DM and if I say we use them to have the flavor of the campaign I want, then we will use them.


greywulf said...

Great post, and I think you hit the nail on the head. The trouble, right at the core, is with the players. Ha! :)

I think math skills are something which come with practise and enthusiasm. My original group of gamers loved Classic Rolemaster and would merrily add and cross-reference numbers in the middle of very high-speed combat.

In contrast, some members of my current group object if they have to add two numbers higher than 10 together. Go figure.

RPG is the one hobby which is fun and at the same time helps improve both the creative and logical sides of the brain - it demands both, and the more you use them the better you become.

Keep at it my friend. You're doing it for their own good whether they like it or not! :D

Elton said...

I'm really doing my best, Greywulf! :)

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