Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blogwalk Fantasy #3: Opening the Crypt

Greywulf had started a blogwalking adventure.  I chose to do Opening the Crypt!

Opening the crypt, and assuming one of you look down inside, you see stairs leading down.  It looks particularly dark and foreboding.  If you have greater common sense, you feel cold and stupored.  The crypt looks very creepy.  Fortunately, you have brought your torches and equipment with you.  So, you see two choices:

1. Do you heed your instincts and run away from the crypt?

2. Do you go down and investigate the crypt?

As I participate, may I remind my readers who play 4e that any stat blocks I use will either use Rolemaster or the d20 system (typified by Pathfinder, now).  Some of the stats I'll write are for classes that will be hard to convert.  Some will be easy to convert.  I'll try to give you some happy guidelines in converting some of the characters.  Have fun!

Per the rules:

If you want to join in, post that you will claim one of the links above and it will be flagged as taken on a first come, first served basis. When you have posted your entry, leave a comment and I will link it to your site. Your post should contain two or more hooks at the bottom which can then be claimed be other writers, and so it goes on.

If you don’t get the hook you want, don’t be discouraged – follow the links through to the other sites and claim one further down the path. There’s always room for more contributors!  Your entries can be as short or in-depth as you wish. A single sentence which furthers the story and opens up more options is just as cool as a full combat encounter complete with tactical map, monsters stats and treasure. There’s no limit to system of choice either – if you want to post a Tunnels & Trolls encounter which follows on from a 4e D&D combat or a portal to a Traveller Class A Starport, that’s great!  This is a great opportunity to showcase your favourite system. Alternatively, keep things system neutral and leave the details up to the reader. It’s entirely up to you.

Don’t forget to link back to this post so your readers can join the story from the beginning. Your post will quite likely include the possibility of the adventurer back-tracing their steps to don’t forget to link back to the previous post as well.


greywulf said...

A great follow-up - I look forward to seeing where this goes :D

Get claiming those links, readers!

Nope said...

Impatient as I am here's another post:

1. Do you heed your instincts and run away from the crypt?

Now to put the patience hat back on and wait for other bloggers to add to the adventure.

Elton said...

Now that looks like a cool post.

Nope said...

thanks! Feel free to claim one of my links if you want.

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