Friday, July 23, 2010

Remember Morrowind?

Morrowind was a game that said you can do anything you like.  Even raid sacred tombs for important stuff.  The guide to Morrowind was packed with locations that had all sorts of juicy bits.  Although Morrowind wasn't as BIG as Daggerfall, the game had giving you a lot to do and explore.  A roleplaying game adventure should have these options, although usually page count prevents the writer from including some options.

Each option would be a treasure or an encounter.  I started to do this with my Atlantis adventure, almost absent mindedly.  The PCs would go there, raid a tomb, and have some fun.  Or an option led you to a strange encounter, or some treasure in some unusual places.  (in my Atlantis adventure, I already listed some interesting encounters - a Bronze Dragon and an abandoned pirate's cove).

The idea is to have fun with an adventure or video game.  I'm off to play more morrowind!! :)  And yes, I usually play a Telvanni. :)

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