Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RPG Resources: Walking with Cavemen (part 4: the Survivors)

Don't make any mistake, I fully believe that Evolution, Intelligent Design, and Panspermia all played a part in the Origin of Man. But I don't deny that Paleoanthropology still provides wonderful RPG insights. Here is Walking with Cavemen, part of part 4 that someone will allow embedding (the BBC is delirious with Copyright monopolies).

The end of part 4 deals with h. Sapiens Sapiens.   Specifically the Upper Paleolithic Age.  The RPG material comes from there.  Sometimes, the Stone Age provides great ideas for an RPG campaign.  Some people still live in the Upper Paleolithic Age today, and some still live in the Neolithic Age (there is a whole tribe of white people in Java that still does).  To play a campaign in the Neolithic Age can be done, and these videos are a great place to start.

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