Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spell Ribbons for free!!

Here is a spellcaster showing us the newest DAZ Freebie -- Spellribbons!  These are 3D spellcasting VFX.  They allow one to cast spells but in a 3D manner, providing a low cost (for now) alternative to HeroFX (which I still have and use!)

The ribbons create some interesting effects as they wind up the spellcaster's arms.  This can't be done with HeroFX Extreme, since they are 2D special effects that are rendered directly in Poser and DAZ Studio.  The other thing you can get is Blondie's Sci-Fi Effects, which are very, very good!

Enjoy them, as they are a free download now from DAZ.  :)  On sale for $0.00.  I like them as they are currently used, and I'm grateful to them.  Note, though, that they are really part of a set.  A new set of low cost clothing available for V4.  Check them out too. ;)

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