Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black Holes don't exist!

"And I will cut off witchcrafts out of thine hand; and thou shalt have no more soothsayers:"
-- Micah 5:12

"Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee."
-- Isaiah 47:13

Black Holes don't exist for the simple reason that they haven't been directly observed.  According to theory, a black hole is three or more solar masses squeezed into a single point.  The main problem with Black Holes is that you are taking a lot of mass and squeezing it down into non-existent volume.  Since you figure mass by dividing an object's density by it's volume, and a non-existent volume equals zero, you are essentially dividing by zero.

Ask any school boy if you can divide by zero.  In grade school, you get zero, in Algebra and higher maths, you get an imaginary number.  You cannot divide by zero and get a real number, it's just not done.  However, relativists -- or as Stephen J. Crothers calls them -- Astrologers -- gets away with dividing by zero all the time to create black holes.  However, Nature doesn't deal in imaginary numbers.  Nature -- and the Force behind it -- only works with Real Numbers.  Imaginary numbers actually only exist in the imagination, and since black holes depend on imaginary numbers to exist, they must be imaginary also.

Another problem with the Black Hole is nuclear chemistry.  Nobody seems to realize but Black Holes are co-dependent on Neutron Stars in order to exist.  A neutron star results from a supernova when gravity compresses a star's core so much that all the matter condenses into neutrons.  People don't seem to realize that in Nuclear Chemistry, neutrons can't be densely packed together so closely.  They'd just repel each other instantly to seek balance.  While a black hole does the same thing, essentially -- it packs all matter into a single point.

A point is an abstraction, since in mathematics, there are an infinite amount of points on a line.  Although it is true in Sacred Geometry, one uses a point to draw a circle (and then create a mini-universe), it is not true that Nature creates and uses points.  Points are used by Man and by Exalted Man to create geometric constructs and models of the Universe (i.e. points of reference).  So, a black hole is an imaginary construct, a theoretical exercise in infinite gravity that will never be observed in nature.  Believing in Black Holes is an error, since the belief has not been substantiated by direct observation.  The Astrologers aren't true scientists, don't believe them.  The true scientists are out there, observing the Universe and giving simpler explanations.


Clovis Cithog said...

poor deluded fools,
black holes do exist

it is called American investment in Afghanistan and Iraq

Elton said...

It's also called throwing money to find Black Holes in space. I would even go so far as throwing money to stop our economy from going into winter. :p

You might as well stop a train.

Anonymous said...

"Believing in Black Holes is an error, since the belief has not been substantiated by direct observation."

And how many times have you directly observed God?


And yet you believe in Him.

Too many errors to take this post seriously (you should have at least looked up Black Holes on Wikipedia), but your "relativist" logic with regards to belief undercuts your arguement even more than your lack of facts.

Elton said...


Do yourself a favor and take the wool over your eyes. The proper definition of a god is anyone who is capable to have anything, do anything, and be anything. Not believing in a god is disbelieving in your own existence. So go back and crawl under the rock you found yourself under.

Anonymous said...

My post was rude. My sincere apologies.

Quoting random crackpots who think every mathematician since 1916 is wrong but them, shows you are not giving any serious thought to the topic.

Appeals to false authority leads to people believing that the government staged 9/11, that Obama was not born in Hawaii, and other claptrap that is easily disproved.

A black hole is an infinite curvature of space-time. Your boy's equations are simply false. There is a comprehensive section on wikipedia that details these equations - do yourself a favor, de-wool your soul, and look at them.

A neutron star has nothing to do with a black hole - not sure where you pulled that from.

"God is everywhere and everything" is not direct observation, no matter how much you want it to be.

But black holes and God are not mutually exclusive concepts, should you decide to reach for truth.

At any rate, my apologies again for the rude post.


Elton said...


I think you'll find that the reason the Black Hole doesn't exist is because Nature itself doesn't deal in points. I wasn't mad about you're post to explain a Black Hole.

I don't believe in Black Holes because they can't rationally exist. As for not observing God, how do you mean by the word "observation." Of course, I think you have your definition of God mixed up.

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