Wednesday, December 8, 2010

World of Warcraft Adventures Wiki gone live!

I started a new Wiki for the World of Warcraft RPG.  Called Adventures in World of Warcraft I originally thought of doing it up for Quel'thalas campaigns.  However, since the World of Warcraft is ever reaching and encompasses quite a large area, I opening up the Wiki for every World of Warcraft fan to record their adventures for everyone to use.  The spirit of the site is sharing.  Sharing your adventures set in World of Warcraft to everyone.

We will accept adventures written for the RPG, or written for 4th Edition, or for Pathfinder, or for most any system you please.  As long as you mark what system the adventure is for.  Players and fans may write adventures for any era to share with other fans of the pencil-and-paper side of the franchise.

Thanks for reading! :D


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