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Why Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Dark Forces are fantastic constructs

Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Dark Forces.  All designed to prop up a theory in which Gravity is the driving force in our Universe.  There is a major problem with Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Dark Forces.  The simple reason is the existence of Vacuum Energy or Zero Point Energy.

For any theory of the universe to be correct, it has to agree with what Yahweh has said about the universe.  Yahweh (pronounced or sung "eeeeeaaaaooooaaaaeeee"), who is a God of Truth, cannot not possibly lie about the Universe[1].  While Yahweh has transmitted allegories in the past to teach us about ourselves, sometimes he has revealed some precious truths that helps us understand the Universe.

One of these precious truths is the fact that Yahweh says that there is no savior beside him.  Secondly, he declared that we worship a "what" instead of a "who." The what we worship is called the Father as a proper name, it is also called the Spirit or the Spirit of Truth[2].

The Spirit of Truth exists in our Universe as pure Energy.  This energy exists at the Zero Point on the Kelvin temperature scale and is often called Zero Point Energy or Vacuum Energy[3].   The Spirit of Truth was discovered as Energy by Doctor Wilhelm Reich.  He called it the Orgone Energy[4], an energy that can be seen and photographed.  This energy is found everywhere: surrounding galaxies, the Earth, and several lifeforms such as man.  Since this energy fills all possible space, represents all truth and knowledge, is the source of intelligence, and is the Father of all things both good and evil; then it stands that it is the source of all Life, Force, and Matter in the Universe.

So, what is the problem with "Dark" Energy, Matter, and Forces?  Simple.  In order to exist, there hast to be a second intelligence in the Universe.  A second Orgone Energy, a second Energy that exists at the zero point.  However, Yahweh has never talked about a second intelligence in the universe.  He never even mentioned a second Intelligence.  Yahweh only said that beside him there is no savior.  This means that the Father is the Source of both, and all, Good and Evil in the Universe[5].

Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Dark Forces are really fantastic constructions to hold up a theory that is proving to be more and more incorrect all the time.  The Big Bang Theory is the dream of many, and since it is proven incorrect by observation and experiments in the laboratory; then it cannot possibly agree with the Scriptures.  Ironically, however, the Big Bang has the most to offer to Creationists; but many are dumping the theory[6].

The truth is, making up Dark versions of these elements goes against basic physics.  First of all, Dark Force simply goes against Newton's description of all a Force acts.  Force itself is neutral.  It's an application of power to an object in order to make it move.  Force can be used by good and evil, it's the same and applies to movement according to Newton.  Experiments in the Laboratory and application in the real world has shown that force works for all things: Man, Plant, Animal, and Mineral.  And it is the intent behind the force that makes it work for Good or Evil.  Sir Issac Newton only described motion and put forth his laws of Motion, which work for all things.  The existence of a Dark Force cancels out Newton's Laws of Motion since it implies an exotic way of working motion.

This means that the Atheists are in error and are supporting a theory that is proven to be erroneous in all things.  The astrologers (astronomers who support the Big Bang) are holding fast to a theory that doesn't match up to revealed Truths.  Although one can argue that Genesis represents the Big Bang, the problem with the account in Genesis is that it was witnessed by Human beings[7].  And during the time from 4,000 B.C. to about 2,000 B.C. our ancestors saw in the sky an alien constellation of planets[8],[9].  And then the fall happened, and what resulted is a story that is told around the world[10],[11].

The Electric Universe, or Plasma Universe, is a much simpler explanation of the Universe[12].  The corner stone of the theory isn't Gravity.  It's electromagnetism.  The plasma universe theory is a much simpler theory that attempts to explain the Universe in the Now instead of what it was and what it will be.  It does not claim a beginning to the universe, since it relies on observation and laboratory experiments in order to work.  Since the beginning of the Universe is nigh impossible to observe using our present technology, and it is hard to replicate in the laboratory, the Electric Universe cannot make a claim on how the universe began.

It has been used to explain comets[13], most Martian anomalies [14,15,16], and even miracles performed by Elijah and Moses.  The Electric Universe offers a simple explanation of the Universe for everyone -- Believer and Atheist alike.  It does not resort to exotic matter, but it does explain gravity in terms of being an electromagnetic effect.  Quite simply, the Big Bang is an Error because it can't be replicated in the laboratory, while the Plasma Universe theory is held up by laboratory experiments.  The astrologers are in error about the universe, and the real Astronomers are those who are observing the Universe, performing laboratory experiments, and coming to different conclusions.


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