Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where are the White Holes?

I've been so focused on trying to prove that Black Holes doesn't exist, that I forgot to approach it from this angle.  Where are the white holes in our universe?  If something with infinite mass and density with zero volume exists in the universe, then it's opposite must also exist -- a White Hole.

This Masters of the Universe Episode explains what a White Hole is.

IF our Universe has black holes, then it has white holes.  I'd like to challenge the astronomers to find a White Hole.  A White Hole would be direct evidence that a Black Hole would exist. 

1 comment:

2eDM said...

Um, what is your scientific basis for the idea of if one things exists, then it must have an existing opposite? Not saying you're wrong, just curious to know if there's something that I haven't heard of.

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