Monday, August 23, 2010

Going Back to 2nd Edition

Some of you may ask: Why are you going back to AD&D, 2nd Edition?  The answer is simple: I really don't think 4e is cutting it.  Fourth Edition isn't written for the Roleplayer, it's written for someone else.  Although people argue the point, and I do understand why they do; but they don't understand the changes or what the game represents for me.

While I can write for Pathfinder, and I have, I'm feeling pretty nostalgic for the old AD&D game.  I miss the days when the game was supported more by FLUFF than by CRUNCH.  Although AD&D has some rules systems that don't make any sense (THAC0 or "to hit Armor Class 0", for instance), AD&D's set up allowed for roleplaying in a variety of campaigns based on a variety of themes.  And all the Dragon Articles written in the 90's had a roleplaying basis (I still have the Dragon Archive).

So, what if you enjoy Pathfinder, or 4e?  There's nothing to stop me for putting up some conversion guidelines.  I really like Pathfinder, and I really don't mind writing conversion guidelines for 4e.  But really, making a campaign 2nd Edition shouldn't really make a whole lot of difference except for these players, the back dragon issues have a lot of relevance.  Most people have ignored these issues when playing the next two editions, which is sad because they can be used for inspiration for roleplaying.

I'll have something new for you to look at sooner or later. :)


Clovis Cithog said...

Game on brother
what ever edition your in
is the golden age for you . . .

I live in a military town;
therefore, half my players are former soldiers or active duty so I just cannot break away from gun porn . . . .

as much as I love Barsoom
right now it is wild west d20 modern set in in a dark future of 2175 after the 2nd american civil war

greywulf said...

Much as I admire Pathfinder, I prefer 4e. Pathfinder still feels too much like Third Edition D&D and I burnt out far too much as GM with that system to be willing to go back. As GM, that is.... if I could persuade someone to run Pathfinder I'd be very happy to join in as a player.

I hope you have a good gaming time with AD&D 2e! :D

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