Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Steal this Location!!


Introduction: Every gamemaster needs a location or two to start an adventure rolling.  Especially a location with a set of adventure sites that will inspire the PCs and the GM to make their own adventures and write their own stories.  The stats are written for Rolemaster but can be quickly adapted to any Roleplaying Game.

The county of Appleby-in-Westmorland is based on the city of Appleby-in-Westmorland; strangely enough; in England.  The county is set in West Cumbria but it can be used as a locale in just about any game setting.  Castle Appleby is the home of the Count of Appleby: Lord Janus de Vipont.  Over the years, the castle was upgraded from a Motte and Bailey castle by the family of Vipont to a Gothic structure.  Castle Appleby protects the town of Westmorland.  The town itself is a bustling medieval small city, with buildings that hang over the streets.  Many of the homes are jettied, and there are a few townhouses for sale.

Adventurers hardly pass through the town, making the ancient sites worth investigating.  The ancient sites include:
* A chalk etching of a horse in the countryside.
* At least three ancient forts.
* A cave called Kinsmouth Grotto
* An ancient stone circle.

More later . . .  including hints that the Count is actually a vampire. :)

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