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Religions of Aerthas

First in a return to 2nd Edition, the Religions of Aerthas.

Templum Lux luci

The Church of Light.  Basically a church based on the philosophy of following the Light and being Good to all men.  The Church denies the existence of the Divine Creator, and says all people who believe in a Creator to be following the vain imagination of their fathers.  The Leaders of the Church are extremely narcissistic and believe that they know everything.

 Templum Lux luci is the most popular religion among humans, elves, and dwarves in the Caithness Isles.  It's a unifying religion, that teaches Rebirth after death.  And if a man does good in this life, he will be rewarded with a better life in the next reincarnation.  There is no message of salvation the church teaches, and Man is in a permanent cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.  All that Man may hope for is a better life in his next reincarnation.  The Church, however, is a force for good and strives to help its people attain perfection.  Worship of the Light is important to all and the Church zealously and jealously guards against heretics (those that would profess in a Creator and a Savior and preach a message of Salvation and Resurrection are especially persecuted).  The Church also persecutes Wizards, but have been unsuccessful in doing so.  The Church also considers literacy a threat to it's power and works excessively to suppress reading and writing among most of the masses.

At the upper level is the Pontiff, then there are Cardinals, archbishops, bishops, archprelates, prelates, and the parish priest.  The church also encourages monasticism and aestheticism.  However, the monks of the church are mendicant and are also literate since they study literacy.  But since they are insular, the monks are allowed to be literate. 

The Paladins represent the militant arm of the Church, and they are a recent organization.  Paladins of Templum Lux luci or the Light, were priests trained in Chivalry, Arms, and Knighthood.  Combining the best of Religion and Force of Arms, the Paladins were created in response to the Orc Invasions of Caithness and other lands.  A paladin is meant to be a paragon of virtue and the defender of the people.  A person who becomes a paladin takes an oath of Celibacy and the Oath of Virtue and Truth.  Something that may cause the Church trouble down the line.

The Parish Priest and the Missionary Priest (Adventurer) represent the faith to the common people.  While the Bishops of various important towns may give arousing sermons to the people on the Light; the parish priest and the missionary priest represents the people in the country.   These men and women of the Light preach sermons to help the faithful stay in the path and represent the wishes of the Light. Missionary Priests work to provide hope and good for the people.  They represent the active arm of the Church.  Acolytes in the Missionary Arm are typically ordained with the priesthood after they proved themselves.

Priest Alignments: LG, NG, LN, LE  (Note that the evil Priests will rise quicker in the Church)
Spheres of Magic: Major All, Creation, Divination, Healing, and Sun; Minor: Elemental, Necromantic, Protection, and Thought.

Armor Allowed: Leather jerkin, Studded Leather Coat, and Chain Mail Shirt only. 
Weapons Allowed: Dagger, mace, quarterstaff, short sword.

Paladins of Templum Lux luci often belong to many different orders.  The best known are the Knights of Light. They have their matches among the Saurials and the Massalian Elves.  They are Lawful Good.  Paladins of Templum Lux luci receives their spells once they reach 9th Level and can only cast spells of the Combat, divination, healing, and protection spheres. 

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