Thursday, August 5, 2010

Scripps and Atlantis

I'll be writing my first screenplay, Echos of Atlantis using Scripped.  But first things first, storycrafting.  It's important to get the messy details down.  I'm going for a Character Story on this one, instead of a Milieu story.  This is because the Fantasy starts right away instead of when the character gets to Atlantis.

Basic Tagline: Echos of Atlantis is about a young man who carries the blood of Atlantean Royalty.  He finds out about his heritage and must rally the Atlanteans to break the power of the Sahuagin that threaten Atlantis' existence.

The story takes place in a Fantasy America.  Where there are Wizards, Tinkers, Psions, Warriors, Thieves, and evil kings.  The Evil King Agrippa holds sway over the Kingdom of York, which includes the States of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  Opposing Evil King Agrippa is the Puritan Socialists of Massachusetts and the Southern Crown Colonies.  What the three little petty nations don't know is that there is a movement led by a small circle of Radicals that want to get rid of their socialists, evil kings, and crown colonies once and for all and to unify the lands into a new Republic.

The Atlanteans are the survivors of an ancient deluge and occupy the cities of Cleitos, Tritonis, and Atlantis.  Atlantis is off the coast of Bermuda.  Tritonis is off the coast of Manhattan, and Cleitos is off the coast of North Carolina.  However, the Atlanteans are in disarray as their Autocrat Atalescas was slain by the Sahuagin King of Xyluff in the last campaign.

Faced with defeat, one of the Atlanteans go to Heartford to find the last known heir to the throne of Atlantis.  The one foretold that will unify the three cities of Atlantis and defeat the evil sahuagin of Xyluff once and for all.

Now doesn't that sound cool?  I think so. :)

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