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Character Backgrounds

By Anonymous (The Louvre) [Public domain]
Player Characters created in Phoenicia hoping to join the burgeoning Adventurer Class may come from anywhere.  Including the Kshatriya and Brahmin classes of the Vedans (Ksatriyas most likely).  Here are some likely backgrounds for a city of Psionics.

Psionic Entertainer: You were taught to use your gifts to entertain others.  You could have been a 'stone charmer', someone who charmed a stone to levitate in the air; a performing circus acrobat, a dancer (with the reputation of having psionic grace), a mentalist (street telepath or hypnotist), a psychic boxer or wrestler (using psychometabolism) or a street psychic.  Or perhaps you were raised in a family where your father, mother, or guardian loved to perform.  You grew up in that environment but you longed for a different life.
Most Likely Classes: Psion, Wilder, or Bard
Benefit: +2 in Perform (any except Sexual Techniques)
Home District: Any

Escaped Plant: In the Lands of the Sorcerer Kings, they enslaved Shapers to create anything they needed.   As a slave, you were forced to bring things into being out of the Ether.  These included water, metals, food, artistic items, and nutrients for the soil.  This was taxing you, and they made you breed with certain slaves to improve the Shaper stock.  You escaped and made your way to Phoenicia to make a new life for yourself.  You learned Shaping by a different method than the dominate three in Phoenicia.
Most Likely Class: Shaper (Psion)
Benefit: +2 in Craft skill of choice
Home District: none, outsider.

Artisan's Apprentice: You are the apprentice to a cobber, potter, sculptor, painter, weaver, glazier, or bronzeworker.  You may be even an apprentice to a crystalsmith or a blacksmith.  Still even an Artisan's apprentice may be drawn into events of extraordinary coincidence.
Most Likely Class: Any
Benefit: +2 in Craft skill of choice
Home District: Any.

Pit Fighter: You are trained to fight in the Arena or the Pits!  In any case, in the Arena, you can fight for glory and to perfect your art.   The best usually stay in the Area, any may attract annoying people (roadies or adoring fans).  Some leave the Arena to find their fame and fortune among adventurers.
Most Likely Class: Barbarian, Fighter, Psychic Warrior, Soulknife
Benefit: Special contacts
Drawback: An annoying adoring fan who worships the ground you walk on (10th level or higher).
Home District: The Bazaar and Desert Gate.

City Watch Guard:  You are trained to be apart of the City Guard.  You trained in defensive techniques and investigative techniques to find criminals.  You use the science of deduction to find criminals: murderers, robbers, inner city bandits, and white collar criminals.
Most Likely Class: Fighter, Paladin, Psion (telepath or seer), Psychic Warrior, Rogue
Benefit: +2 in Knowledge (Investigation)
Home District: Any but the noble districts.

Judah and Thamar by Horace Vernett
Prostitute or Courtesan:  it is said you are of the world's oldest profession.  You are trained to provide companionship to strangers.  It is a lucrative business, operating out of one of the three red light districts or in the noble quarters as a courtesan.  You know all the tricks, and you hope to bag yourself a permanent companion of your own.   However, you are drawn into strange events you can't escape from.
Most Likely Class: Any except Paladin and Soulknife
Benefit: +2 in Perform (Sexual Techniques)
Home District: Any.

Guru's Apprentice:  You study psionics under one of the Gurus that live in the wilderness.  Your study of Psionics is coupled with discipline and practice manifesting.  After the guru has felt you learned enough, he sets you back into Phoenicia, to seek your fortune.
Most Likely Class: Psion, Psychic Warrior, Soulknife
Benefit: +2 Knowledge (Psionics)
Home District: Any

Clerk in Shop:  You work for one of your family members in the family business.  Whatever that business is, you hope to excel at it.  Being a wine seller, or a seller of glassware, however; might not be to your liking.  You hope to go out into the wide world and start a business of your own.  Intentionally or unintentionally, being a member of the Adventurer class suddenly seems attractive to gain the capital you need to get started.
Most Likely Class: Any
Benefit: Special Contacts (at least two)
Home District: Any of the middle class areas.

 That is about it!  I hope you find it an inspiration!

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