Thursday, May 19, 2011

Phoenicia Pathfinder Group

The pathfinder group has had their first game today, and I thought it was time you met them.

Monique --  Monique is an egocentric Athlete (monk) who is all about self physical perfection.

This Athlete believes her body is a temple, a shining example of perfection. No scars, blemishes or flaws, and as such it must be shown off at all times. She's taken a Vow of Nudity to display her perfect flesh for all to inspire towards. She refuses any clothing offered her, and would prefer to only wear jewelry such as rings, amulets, circlets, nipple rings, bellybutton rings, ornate chains, toe rings, earrings and the ilk.

Her father owned a fitness center in the heart of a city far to the West of Phoenicia and pushed her constantly to perfect her body, tone her muscles, and take great care of her light-mocha skin. She has a fetish for piercings and tattoos, which some-what goes against her father's teachings of keeping her flesh perfect. But she believes it only further accentuates the beautiful features.

Iason -- A priest of Zeus who has a rich mother.  It's been insinuated that Zeus fathered him.

Tae --  A soulknife who is looking to expand his psionic abilities.  A massalian elf, he hates regular Pathfinder elves.  It's been established that he has a sister.

Kehjit --- and then there is Kehjit.

A cliche'd story of a girl who had it too good, ran away from her family and struck out on her own. Kehjit's life was pampered. She had what she needed from her wealthy merchant father, but not what she wanted. She wanted freedom, not to be doted upon. In secret she prepared for life on her own, packing meticulously some of her most drab and boring clothes and belongings, waiting for just the right moment to bolt out the front door. At age eleven, she wsa not very adept at timing. Her father caught her, gave her a stern talking-to about the dangers of the world and how children should not even entertain such thoughts.

Of course, this only made her want to try harder. For whatever reason, fortune or fate, she was face to face with what would be the most influential person in her life. A young woman with strange trappings, odd smelling ingredients in her home which was a small house thought to be haunted. The occupant ensured people thought this with some simple conjured creatures and her companion, a ghostly white robed man with a giant sword strapped to his back.

The woman was named Mashi, and she saw potential in young Kehjit. Thus began her tutelage, though there were conditions, to which Kehjit grudgingly agreed. The first was secrecy. She was forbidden from revealing the nature of Mashi to anyone. The second was that she had to return home. Mashi would not tolerate her protoge living with her and she refused to teach someone without a home.

Of course Kehjit's father was furious, but he realized that his daughter would probably do what she wanted to do no matter what he said to dissuade her. She was willful. The mystery of where she went each day was not revealed to him. He tried to have her followed once but that did not work. The guard he sent after her lost track of the wayward girl.

Kehjit was considered ready to strike out on her own by Mashi when she was fifteen. She had mastered the summoning of the greater form being, and what she had called forth was a creature with the torso of a powerfully athletic woman and from the waist down, a snake. Kehjit had to choose its name, so she simply called her new lifetime companion "Naga". It was then that Kehjit decided to learn the art of tattoos, and she found she enjoyed making the skin pictures on others, even giving herself some small ones in places her father would never see.

Of course, her father did not have to see them. Kehjit had handlers, such as a maid who waited on her, and Kehjit never thought to conceal the body art from her. When her father found out, he was furious! He gave her an ultimatum, to have the tattoo removed and obey his wishes, being the good doting daughter, or she would be thrust out on the street with /nothing/.

Kehjit chose the latter, and she was promptly thrust out of the home with every single one of her possessions, clothing included, removed. She was completely naked, and at first this was embarassed by it. Then she saw someone else, another young woman just a little older than she who seemed to be suffering the same fate, though she looked a lot less bothered by it. Kehjit had not before seen another person in the nude, and to see one in public would be unthinkable. She became friends with the other nude woman, and this gave Kehjit the inspiration to take what she had been dealt. Her father wanted to prove a point, he wanted her to cry and pound on the door, begging to be let back into her home and admit he had power over her. She refused.


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