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Phoenicia Preview: Id Beast

I redid the Id Beast from Bruce R. Cordell's Hyperconscious for Pathfinder.  Yes, I did get a license.

Ahem. . . Around the city of Phoenicia are rare creatures of the Id.  Psionic creatures that can pose a threat.  So far, the creatures known as puppet masters have not shown up to wreck havoc, but the confluence of Psionic individuals attracts these creatures.

One of the creatures is an Id Beast.

Mr Hyde from Marvel, used as a stand in.
This Elf is an impressive specimen, having lean predatory lines, thick musculature, catlike eyes, and a powerful, hungry conduct that never fades.  It’s body swells with excess power and its emotions run especially high.  What is more, electrical plasma arcs around it’s muscles.
Ulundoner (Kirin the Heretic)
CR 6
XP 2,400
Male elf magical beast 4
N Medium magical beast (elf)
+9; Senses low-light vision; Perception +11
AC 20, touch 17, flat-footed 15 (+5 natural armor, +7 Dex)
34 (4d8+7)
+7, Ref +9, Will +8; +1 vs. divine magic, +2 vs. enchantment, +2 vs. mind-affecting effects
Defensive Abilities
evasion, trap sense +1, uncanny dodge; Immune sleep; Resistance 10 poison, acid, cold, electricity; cunning
Speed 50 ft.
2 mwk short swords +8 (1d6+1/19–20) or mwk short sword +10 (1d6+1/19–20), Bite +3 (2d6), Claws +3 (1d8/1d8)
longbow +8 (1d8/×3)
Special Attacks
Id strike, biofeedback, vigor
Str 16, Dex 24, Con 18, Int 11, Wis 18, Cha 8
Base Atk
+3; CMB +4; CMD 19
Combat Reflexes, Two-Weapon FightingB, Weapon FinesseB, Weapon Focus (short sword)
Acrobatics +11, Climb +6, Diplomacy +0, Disable Device +8, Escape Artist +10, Intimidate +2, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +7, Knowledge (local) +6, Perception +15, Sense Motive +7, Sleight of Hand +10, Stealth +15, Use Magic Device +0
Common, Elven, Goblin
elven magic, Harrow boons (+1 Perception, +2 vs. mind-affecting effects, +1 Diplomacy), rogue talents (combat rogue, finesse rogue) traits (psionic), trapfinding +2, weapon familiarity, psionic
Combat Gear
An ulundoner is never caught flat-footed.
Id Strike
The ulundoner can make a normal attack to deal additional damage equal to its Hit Dice total (maximum of +20) against a foe once per day. When it makes such attacks, it visibly seems to swell with power as its muscles ripple and its eyes blaze out like beacons of hunger.

Psi-Like Abilities
Biofeedback (1/day): Manifester level 4th and Vigor (1/day). Augmentable powers are augmented to the limit of the manifester level, if appropriate to the power.
Ulundoner are immune to sleep.
Ulundoner gain constant +4 id bonus to on Perception and Stealth checks.


 Id beasts are the result of primitive instincts erupting in the minds of some people; like a volcano, these instincts overwhelm the Self in certain people.  While these instincts are apart of all, even the most highly evolved consciousness requires sustenance and survival and harbors a powerful Idbeast that salivates for freedom.

Under the right conditions, a living creature can undergo the most terrifying transformation catalyzed by it’s most basic instincts.  A very rare storm of psychic potential can cause a wave of physical and mental alterations in the creature, allowing its most primitive instincts to reshape itself.  In such transformations, the Id overwhelms the Self, as the Body supernaturally gains control over the Mind and the Spirit of the organism.  Even as his latent psionic energy erupts from the deepest part of one’s consciousness. In an ironic twist, a creature or being without psionic abilities before its release of his id find itself awakened to the power of his mind in a new, more primitive embodiment.

A permanent transformation, these id beasts are too wild to live in the confines of society.  These loners hunt the edges of civilization, sometimes forming packs of like individuals.  They search for ways to gratify their next unconquerable urge, be it for food or for pleasure.  Elves, whether High, Drow, or any other type; are called Ulundoner by the elves when and if they transform into Id Beasts.  The name comes from Ulundo, which is elvish for monster.


Id beast” is a template you can add to any living creature with an intelligence of at least 3 (referred to hereafter as the “base creature”).  Constructs and undead are not viable choices (though an idbeast could become undead with the application of an undead template).  With the application of this template, the creature’s type changes to “magical beast.”  It uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.  Statistics and abilities not presented below are as the base creature.

To name your final id beast, simply add the word “id” to the front of the creature’s name as appropriate.
CR: Same as the base creature +1 (for 1–2 HD creatures); same as base creature +2 for 3–16 HD creatures; same as base creature +3 for HD 17+ creatures.
Type: Type changes to “Magical Beast.”  Do not recalculate HD, Base Atk, or saves.
Armor Class: Natural armor improves by +5
Speed: The creature’s base speed improves by +20
Attacks: An Idbeast gains bite and claw attacks in addition to the base creature’s attacks, if it did not have them already.
Damage: If the base creature does not have bite and claw attacks, use the damage values in the table below.  Otherwise, just use the values below or the creature’s damage, which ever is greater.
Special Qualities and Defenses: Idbeasts have all the special qualities of the base creature, plus they gain immunity to poison, and have acid, cold, electricity, and fire resistance 10. They also gain cunning and are considered psionic creatures (they can participate in mindscape combat).

Special Attacks: An id beast retains all the special attacks of the base creature. Idbeasts with Intelligence or Wisdom scores of 8 or higher possess the following psionic abilities, using their Hit Dice or level as the manifester level (an augmentable power is always augmented fully to the limits of that manifester level), as specified in the table below [see Hyperconscious, Mindscapes, or Beasts of the Id]. Unless otherwise indicated, the ability is usable once per day.

Id Strike (Su): The creature can make a normal attack to deal additional damage equal to its Hit Dice total (maximum of +20) against a foe a number of times per day as noted in the table. When it makes such attacks, it seems to swell with power as its muscles ripple and its eyes blaze like beacons of hunger.

Id Charge (Ex): If an idbeast charges a foe during the first round of combat, it can make a full attack even if it has already taken a move action.

Cunning (Ex): An idbeast is never caught flat-footed.

Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Str +4, Dex +4, Con +4, Int –2, Wis +4, Cha +2.
Skills: Idbeasts receive a +4 id bonus on Perception and Stealth checks.
Alignment: Idbeasts are always neutral.

Idbeasts as Characters
Id beasts often have a character class; they favor fighters and barbarians.

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