Sunday, May 22, 2011

Orcs of Galatea

In a fantasy roleplaying game: orcs are living, thinking beings that have all the necessities that humans have.  Since their creation from simple brutes, orcs have been either in societies where they rampage across human societies or they are the race of honor.

It is a conceit to think that orcs are always about honor and battle, no matter what the culture you think of them.  Through this blog, I have sought to bring the orcs into sharp focus, using every sort of tool at my disposal.  However, retconning them from Africa to Caledonia will give the Orcs of Galatea a unique flavor -- separate from Tolkien's or the World of Warcraft's orcs.

Making a fantasy race whole cloth is difficult to do, actually.  The best we can do is create them as a calque of a different race or culture.  Calque means borrowed from, meaning we borrow from history to create a fantasy race.  There should be no apologies for doing this, after all, we Gamemasters do it all the time. 

If it offends someone or somebody, then that someone who is offended with our creation will have to do deal with it.  They can either leave the product alone, find someone else to play it, or they can change how it works in their vision.  A world builder is one individual, and the world he builds comes from his life experience, his ideals and morals, and deep seated prejudices.

So, when you see Orcs of Galatea, and their culture comes from the picts, irish, and mongols; and you feel offended; then you can say so on this blog, or simply not read the blog, it's as simple as that.

By Hygami

What will this series of blogs contain:

* Orc Society and history

There is a series of blogs that already divide the orcs in to a series of tribes.  And I have gone into their major creation myths. I haven't gone so far as to explain general Orc Culture yet.

* Orc Traits

Traits for playing a Galatea Orc. Taken from World of Warcraft and modified.  Also, new traits for the Orc of Galatea.  As well as a paragon class.

* Orc Feats of Cunning and Daring

Feats from Orcs of Golarion adapted to the Orc of Galatea.

* Orc Faith

The Shaman class is introduced here, and how shamanism, animism, ancestor worship, and pantheism affects Orc culture.  The Shaman is the premier spiritual guide for the Orcs of Galatea, and is presented as a variation on the Cleric Class in Pathfinder.  Also, the totemic spirit mechanic will be introduced.

* Orc Magic

The Warlock class is introduced, a variant on the Wizard.  From the World of Warcraft roleplaying game, Orc Warlocks are linked to the Dark Forces of demons and devils in the Pathfinder Game.  Most are evil, but some are not.  But the lure of power is addicting, and the Warlock can gain command over the devils and demons of the world.  They also summon powerful servants to serve them -- including an imp, a succubus, and a host of other evils.

This part will also include a number of spells -- for shamans and warlocks (some from the Advanced Players Guide, some from the WoW RPG, and some from More Magic and Mayhem).

* Living as an Orc Hero among Orcs

How the classes will stack up.


If good enough, the blogs can be collected and printed in a future book for the Pathfinder roleplaying game. :)


Anonymous said...

Hope you didn't get the idea I was offended. As I said, I like that you are seeking an original interpretation of a race that has been around for a while.

The pictish/mongol angle is a fascinating take, no reason to feel defensive about it. You should feel good for your work here!


Elton said...

I didn't mean you. Just that other people might be offended, even by a little thing. :)

Sorry, Tim.

Anonymous said...

No problem, Elton. I am enjoying these orc posts quite a bit. Very creative.


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