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Phoenica's Races

There are several races in Phoenicia's city limits.  All of them could be used for creating your characters.  Unless otherwise mentioned, you use the Core Rules for all character creation details.  Yes, your DM is the final arbiter of what is and is not allowed in your game.


Although most people call them "dwarves" their own name for their own race is zwerc.  There are three dwarven clans known to the people of Phoenicia.  The Bright and genuine Ironhammer clan, the shamanistic Wildstone clan, and the ashenskinned firey bearded Vulcan Clan.

Dwarves (copyright Blizzard Entertainment)
Clan Ironhammer
The Ironhammer Clan is the clan that is the most used to living in city life.  Although they transformed the Mountain of Arat into their colony, part of the Ironhammer clan have moved North and West to mine the great mountains (its been 200 years, so it's supposed that there are new clans descended from the Ironhammer Clan). It was the Ironhammer Clan that first worked with ore and made Iron.  They gave the gift of Ironmaking to three human tribes who eventually solved the Riddle of Steel.  It was these three tribes that gave birth to the Iron Age.  Ironhammers are white and fair, with blond to light brown hair.  It is fashionable for Ironhammer men to be fullbearded, and Ironhammer women to shave their stubble and be beardless.  Use the standard rules for creating an Ironhammer Dwarf.

Clan Wildstone
Wildstone Dwarves exist in the Valley of the Tiger River.  One of the tributaries of the River Sardis.  The Wildstone Dwarves worship the Spirits of the Valley and are in particular bonded with the tiger spirits (while the orcs' supreme animal spirit is the wolf). It is said that their gift to mankind was the making of bronze out of copper.  The truth of the matter is that the Wildstone Dwarves perfected the art of making beautiful bronze swords using a stone mold, and they taught this technology to humans.  They are less stout than Ironhammer dwarves, and they have a swarthy complexion.  The men are clean shaven but they sport sideburns.  Their hair ranges from Auburn to black hair.

Clan Vulcan
The Vulcan Clan comes from Vulcan Island, where it is rumored that they serve the God Hephaestus.  In truth, they are more likely cursed by some god because of their ashen skin and firey beards.  Also called "deurgar" the Vulcan Clan have natural psionic talent.   The gift these dwarves bring to the people of Phoenicia is the working of the very rare metal known as ferroplasm.  Use Deurgar in Psionics Unleashed to create a Vulcan Dwarf.


High Elf
There are three elves in Phoenicia.  All of them descended from trans-dimensional travelers and belonged to five different tribes then.  The tribes since became civilized.  Most elves look the same, the High Elves are descended from the Tribe of Pelasgus, while another group of elves, called the Masallian Elves, are descended from the Tribe of Javan or the Fair Elves.  The two tribes of elves don't regard each other very well.  This because of the Pelasgiri Elves invaded the lands of the Fair Elves and utterly destroyed and enslaved most of the people.  The Pelasgiri Elves became the High Elves, and are distinguished by their long flowing hair, pointed ears, and noble features.  Use the standard "Elf" in Pathfinder for creating a High Elf.  Their are two more elven races: the Desert Elves and the Massalian Elves.


The Gnomes are frequently mistaken for halflings (or the other way around).  They are pretty rare, being an island people scattered among the islands of the Great Sea.  Gnomes have the reputation of gypsies, and they favor song, epic storytelling, and magic over most anything else.  The Gnomes of the island of Cyprus, however, favor building machines.  Use the standard "Gnome" in Pathfinder for creating a gnome.

Half-Elves and Half-Orcs
Half-elves and Half-orcs are rare, these races are so more common in Phoenicia than in many other places.  Half-elves may have High, Massalian, or Desert Elf parents and a human parent; while Half-Orcs may come from elven and orcish stock, or human and orcish stock.  The latter is very rare.


Halflings were originally associated with the lands of the fairies.  However, due to their stature and willingness to live in Human lands, they were eventually called "halflings" due to their stature.   The name stuck with them.  They are small, fair, and nimble; but their childish size does not usually carry a childish manner.  Nomadic halflings use ponies to pull their carts, while settled halflings build burrows or houses.  Use the standard "Halfling" in Pathfinder to create halfling characters.


According to Elven myths, the Elven Gods, the Halfling Gods, the Creator, and the Dwarven Gods divided the World amongst themselves.  The Dwarves claimed the mountains and their rich ore deposits; the Halflings claimed the verdant valleys between those mountains, and the Elves claimed the verdant forests.   This left the deserts for humans.  This turned out well, since human civilization arose in the desert where humans were forced to work together.   As a result the humans spread throughout the world.  They are the most prevalent of the races of the world.


Elans are humans transformed by psionic ritual that is somewhat similar to the same ritual that creates a Psionic Lich.  However elans are created by a secret society that isn't spread out over the whole world.   The transformation gives them partial immortality -- eternal youth and death only by violence.  The trade off is memories of a profession and any skills, although life memories persist.  The current elan council is favoring humans with Auburn hair; but transformations happen very rarely.  Use the rules from Psionics Unleashed to create elans for a Pathfinder game.

Elves, Desert
Desert Elf
 Desert Elves are descended from the third Elvish Tribe.  They live in the arid and semi-arid areas of this region of the world, and are living a pastoral existence herding sheep, goats, and cattle.  They are typically have bronze skin, dark hair, and blue eyes.

Elves, Massalian
One word, this race is driven by hate and revenge against High Elves for conquering their ancestral lands.  But their race was nearly wiped out by northern forest trolls, which race has also earned their hatred.  As a result, they rebuilt their society relying on Fiendish magic.  While not strictly evil, a Massalian Elf tend to use Fiendish magic to fight fiends.  They look like High Elves except for their eyes, which blaze with fiendish energy.  Stats are below.

Maenads:  Once they were human, however an ancient accident has caused crystals to be embedded into their skin.  What is worse, the accident has caused them to be more emotional than usual.   Through the generations, the Maenads have bred true; and so have their traits.  Phoenicia is one of the few cities where they are welcomed and tolerated.  Use the rules in Psionics Unleashed for creating Maenad characters for Pathfinder.

Half-Giants: The breeding of humans with giants produced half-giants.  Born with buff musculature, half-giants were gladiator slaves of the Sorcerer Kings in desert kingdoms.  Many have escaped and formed small tribes or bands wandering the area.  Use the rules in Psionics Unleashed for creating Half-Giants.


Aasimar: These are graced with the blood of celestial beings.  These individuals are graced with angelic beings in their Family Tree.
Elves, Dark:  The dark elves, or drow, are part of the fifth tribe of elves to come into the world.  One must delve deep into history to understand what had happened, but most drow are deep in the Earth. Sadistic and cruel, they revere dark and evil gods who urged them to conquest and dominance.
Orcs: The orcs of this world is described in great detail on this blog, and so forth.  Sufficeth to say that they are a race of barbarians.  Orcs worship their ancestors instead the Fiends that they once did.  They are also strongly shamanistic and feel a strong kinship with the wolf spirit.  Orcs are mostly found in the Hordelands, but certain tribes have come out of the south and have run afoul of the humans here.
Tieflings: These individuals have Fiendish blood -- the blood of demons or devils -- flowing through their veins.  Thus somewhere in their ancestry they have a fiendish ancestor.  They are a rare but significant force in Phoenicia.
The Unwanted: The city is also home to goblins, ratmen (Slitherin or Skavin) and other unwanted elements.  Most people call these things an infestation than anything else and want to drive them out.  These unwanted beings contribute nothing to the city's civilization, but they prey on its populace, stealing and robbing what they need.

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