Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Creation Myths of the Orcs: Clan of the Pheonix

The Clan of the Phoenix.  Another orc tribe, the Phoenix clan was once a tribe that revered its ancestors.  Now, thanks to demonic influence, the tribe has become a tribe of warlocks specializing in deviltry and demonic magic. The Clan of the Phoenix is also the most ancient of the orc clans.

Nwali and the Egg

When Nwali had finished creating the world and filled it with all sorts of plants, animals, and birds Nwali started working on an egg.  The egg was magnificent, for it was made of silver.  It pulsed with all truth and life and Nwali had set it down in a specially prepared area.

The animals marveled at the egg.  As it pulsated with life and energy, they were curious as to see what Nwali had brought them.  The animals asked, "What is the egg, oh wise Nwali?"  Nwali, being all wise and all loving had said; "It is my gift to you, the animals."  And the animals truly marveled at the gift.

The egg continued to pulse in the Garden that Nwali had planted the egg.  The trees began to wonder at the egg and were attracted to the egg.  Nwali said to the trees.  "A gift for you, oh trees."  And the trees marveled at Nwali.

Finally, the pheonix bird was the most curious of all of Nwali's birds and it lighted near the Egg.  Phoenix asked Nwali what the egg is about, and Nwali said it was a surprise.  So, Phoenix sat down on the egg, incubating it with his fires.

In time, the egg hatched, and the Phoenix watched.  And out sprang a man and a woman (meaning, Orcs). The man and the woman were naked and immediately embraced themselves in fear and Consternation.  Nwali then explained that the man and the woman were to have dominion over the plants and the beasts and the Earth.  Pleased with his creations, the man and the woman were in the image of Nwali.  Then the man and the woman went out and went to subdue the Earth and replenish themselves according to Nwali's command.

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