Friday, April 23, 2010

Writing for the Pathfinder Society

My cousin has urged me to write for the Pathfinder society.  Here is my idea:


Having been sent on a mission for your king, you the PCs take a ride by boat.  Unfortunately, a freak storm beset your ship and wrecked it.  All hands are presumed lost, except for you.  Swimming for your lives, you make it to Day Mountain Grotto, by swimming the stretch into one of the cave's chambers.  You are cold and wet and hungry.  However, little do you know that this grotto is in use by pirates . . . 

Escape from Pirates' Hold is an Adventure for Tier 1-5 (subtier 1-2) characters.  It's simple, you must escape by any means necessary and get your bearings.

* A Classic Tale of Swashbuckling Adventure and Romance.
* Fight your way out of Pirate's Hold.
* And save the precious jewel.
* Written in Screenplay style ala Feng Shui.

High Adventure, not on the high seas, but on the coast.  Escape from Pirate's Hold is breathtaking in its scope. :)  Fight Pirates.  Fight monsters.  Fight even the dreaded Pirate Captain Calypso Jack.  It's fun for your entire group! :)

Written by Elton Robb (and hopefully, the cover illustration!).


greywulf said...

Go for it!

Elton said...

The best part about it, I got the idea from Daggerfall. The wierd part of Daggerfall is that there wasn't an alternative way out of Privateer's Hold.

In this adventure, if you and your group really wanted too, you can go back the way you came. The idea, however, is to fight your way out of Pirate Hold in the first place. ;)

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