Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Invasion of Bromsgrove

I'm hosting a Pathfinder Society(tm) Organized Play game at my brother's house (so far).  Here's the skinny:

Bromsgrove -- a small farming village located in the Republic of Devonshire with a sinister legacy.  Now, a clan of gnomes seek vengeance on the hamlet for wrongs done to them long ago and for the return of fantastic riches lost to them in the shadows of the past.  But to save the village, the adventurers must seek answers from the most unlikely sources.  However, as the PCs solve the mystery of Bromsgrove, everyone wants to claim the village.  The clan, an army of Massalian Elves from Caer Massalia, and even a band of murderous robbers.  But who should claim it is up to the PCs to decide . . .

This adventure is based on The Invasion of Arun'Kid originally conceived for the Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting by Kenzer and Company for 3rd Edition of Dungeons and Dragons.  Follow the following Guidelines and everything should be okay.

Races Allowed without any problems or GM approval:


Fun with Backgrounds!
The Invasion of Arun'Kid assumes that the PCs are natives to the village.  But players have the option of being native or transient visitors.  If the PCs are natives, choose a profession that makes sense to you and your character class.  For instance, a Paladin or Fighter with noble heritage might actually be the town's leader.  Or a bard can be an entertainer, while someone may study pottery or cobbling or something of that nature.

Make sure you have ranks in Craft and Profession if your character is an entrepreneur that is producing a good.  If you have an entertainer's profession (innkeeper, singer, lady of the Night) then make sure you have the qualifying perform and profession skills.  Professions that aren't into production or entertaining (like barrister/lawyer, statesman, or pioneer) only have ranks in their profession.  Knowledge (local area) would be a good idea to start.

If you are visiting or seeking to live in Bromsgrove, its a good idea to have a profession other than "transient."  Adventuring counts as a profession.  Also, it's a good idea for you to list your family.  Especially if your character hails from a noble family.  If you are playing a noble, it's a good idea to list a genealogy of your character to at least the 4th Generation.  And tell me what is going on with them.  It is perfectly acceptable to play an orphan, but please note that this is a .

I think that is it!

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