Monday, April 19, 2010

Steal this Superhero!!!

Okay normally I wouldn't do anything on this part, but . . . if you need a Superhero NPC for a Supers Campaign (and who doesn't), I present Ammon.  Use this guy sparingly by the way.  He's an NPC, there to be used as a plot device or as a source of inspiration for a set of low level heroes.


Oh my King, said the royal sorcerer to Ramses the Great (Ramses the First), you and your descendants will be endowed by the God Amun-Re with the powers to control the elements.  You will soar as Horus the falcon soars and command the elements of earth, wind, water, and fire.

Thousands of years later, the amulet of Ramses the Great was found.  The great grandson of the Egyptologist that found it had strange dreams, dreams of his better self.  He then took the amulet and was transformed into Ammon.  As the descendant of King Ramses, young Drake Garion is heir to the power of Amun-Re.

Ammon is a Superman Analog that resembles the Silver Age.  He has the following powers:

* Flight.  Ammon is capable of flight.  He can propel himself to nearly ultimate speed.

* Strength.  Ammon has seemingly Superhuman Strength.

* Invulnerability. Ammon is seemingly invulnerable.

* Reality Bending Powers.   Ammon is able to bend reality to his will.  This power allows him to have his seemingly Super-human Strength, Flight, and Invulnerability.

* Weakness.  Without the Wadjet-Eye Amulet, young Drake Garion cannot become Ammon.  Likewise, without the Amulet, Ammon cannot become Drake Garion.

Costume: Ammon appears regally in a gold and white outfit reminescent of an Egyptian pharoah. The costume is mainly white with gold trim.  His hair is mid neck length, is dark brown or black, and his eyes lined with black ochre.  Ammon's face is also handsome.  He carries the Wadjet-Eye around his neck.  His body is royally handsome.

Template: Ammon is a Superman analog.  He should be played as a Silver Age Hero (1955-1979).  He doesn't have the ability to shoot laser beams, or have super breath.  But he uses his powers to fight for Truth and Justice.  In reality, he is the ideal Pharaoh reborn.


greywulf said...

Looks great, but then you know I'm a sucker for superheroes. The world needs more Egyptian-themed superheroes :D

Elton said...

Hehehe. Wouldn't it be great? I've been watching Secrets of Isis. I was also imagining what it would be like to be an actual superhero. This came out of it. ;)

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