Thursday, January 14, 2010

Atlantis: the Movie?

I'm taking part in a Wealth Building consultation exercise. Or in other words, I'm getting some help in starting my business from CEOSpace. So what does this mean?

How about a movie based on Atlantis? RPGs aside, mass communication is the best way to reach a large audience. I'm thinking about a movie plot where a young man from our time is Summoned to Atlantis to help solve a problem that the Atlanteans have. Nevermind he looks exactly like the Crown Prince, and nevermind that he and the Crown Prince are "doubles." (The crown prince is the counterpart of our hero).

(I could put in an El Hazard twist in there and the Crown Prince becomes the crown princess, and the crown princess is a hedonistic 'dyke.' -- but that's been done.)

So, what is the problem that the Atlanteans have? Terrible diplomatic relations with a neighboring country? Someone's been trying to take them over from the inside? Is our boy to be a decoy?

More at eleven (to twist this around, what if it was a she? And the Crown Prince identifies himself as female and looks very feminine?) Oh, the possibilities!!

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