Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Paladin in Love in Progress

She's a Paladin, she met her first true love. And now . . . it needs Volumetric Lighting. This is a work in progress. If anyone can give me tips on doing volumetric lighting for this post, don't hesitate to give me some tips. :)

Done in DAZ Studio 3 Advanced (which is capable of Volumetrics).


greywulf said...

That's looking really good!

For Volumetric lighting:

1. Add a spotlight (Create->New Spotlight), or any other kind of light. It works best with Spotlikghts though

2. Make sure it’s selected in the Scene tab then head into DAZ Built-in Content->Shaders->Uber->UberVolume

3. Double-click Parent Cone to Light

4. In the Scene tab, expand the Spotlight and select Spotlight 1 Volume then, in your Surfaces tab make sure that Spotlight 1 Volume is also selected. As with any Shader effect, you need to have both the object and it’s material selected.

5. Back in the Content tab, double-click Cloud, Dust or Smoke and fine-tune the effect in your Surfaces tab to taste

Finally, expand the Volume to cover the entire scene (or as much as you need) in the Paramaters tab by adjusting Z Scale. It displays in the Preview as a wireframe cube.

I'm going to be experimenting with using the Volumetric Shaders to create a ground fog effect real soon.

Hope that helps!

Elton said...

Thanks. I'm trying it out. :)

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