Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It had occurred to me that Awesome Sauce would work wonderfully as an Alchemical concoction.

Awesome Sauce: This sauce is the quintessence of action, mojo, and confidence combined into one. When applied as a lotion onto anyone, they become the Greatest Action Hero. In 4E, Awesome Sauce grants about 6 Action Points. In 3E and earilier editions, Awesome Sauce transforms the PC into a "random" Hollywood or Kongawood Action Hero (mostly of the Player's Choice) for 3 scenes. There is one caveat. Once all 6 Action Points is used up, or in the last scene as an Action Hero: Something really dramatic must happen (in the style of a campy, action flick)!

Salsa; craft (Alchemy) 10 ranks; Artisan Alchemist; Price 300 gp.

Todd: "No, you must not apply the Awesome Sauce!"

Melvin the Unready: "I must, I must. After all, how am I going to save the Princess?"

Todd: "Melvin, you're the Warlord. This is fourth edition, you already have all the action points you need!"

Melvin the Unready: "I am Melvin the Unready for a reason. I must *apply* the Awesome Sauce!"

Melvin disrobes and applies the salsa liberally.

Melvin the Unready: "Yes, I can feel it . . . SIX ACTION POINTS! I feel like I can . . . SAVE THE WORLD!"

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