Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Paladin in Love: Still in Progress

The first result of using Volumetric Lighting in DAZ Studio. This is still a picture of a Paladin in love. I wanted to do Volumetrics through the windows first, but I had to try something simple since I had to play with the density settings to get the "cloud" density more realistic.

This paladin has met her absolute true love, a wizard. The boy wizard who stole her heart is wild, powerful, and mighty in his own right. But he doesn't belong to the Church, and unlike some of her fellow paladins, not stuck up or self-righteous. She's deeply attracted to him, but if the Church Fathers found out that she was attracted to a wizard . . . Would she face excommunication for trafficking with an infidel?


greywulf said...

Yep. I think you've got the hang of volumetric lighting :D

Incidentally - I love the face morph on your Paladin.

Elton said...

Its MH Anny. :)

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