Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Dragon Wife heroic Cast!

Dragon Wife Heroes by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Here are the heroes of the Dragon Wife comic. The group is not your typical Dungeons and Dragons adventuring group. Okay. Left to right they are:

Varainye -- Her name means "Dirty Girl." Varainye is a barbarian, she wears short hair, and is strong for her type. She has been working out and increasing her physical strength. She is stronger than most women of her race, the Massalian Elves.

Greywulf -- Greywulf is an orcish shaman. He left home after getting tired of raiding and his shrewish wife. His tribe, the Ice Dragontooth Tribe, had labeled him as a deserter since he disappeared during a raid on Northumberland territory.

Tyr -- The fighter of the group. Not as powerful as Varainye when she goes into a rage, but he thinks coolly under pressure.

The Shaper -- "He's perfect."

Fyreheart -- Fyreheart is the Shaper's wife. She messes up his perfect life by introducing chaos and bringing his life totally out of control.

After these comes the villain menagerie.


Clovis Cithog said...

is there no end to your creativity . . .

remember to focus on your career,
when learning seek mastery of the subject matter so that education becomes a joy,
and understand hobbies are best enjoyed when you do NOT try to make a living off them ; - )

Elton said...

Yes, you are right. However, they are also best enjoyed when the hobby pays for itself. :)

The Creative Commons license is there for a reason; so I can enjoy my hobby much more when people use my ideas and work off of them. :)

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