Saturday, June 12, 2010

Elton's and Fyreheart's Bios

Their bios are done!  The first is Fyreheart.  :)

Fyreheart was made by combining She-Freak 4 (100%) with the Girl 4 (40%) and Aiko 4 (30%).  Her breasts were also expanded, because she thinks big human breasts are sexy to humans (size: 20%, Large 20%, Implant 15%, Natural 20&, Cleavage 42%, Diameter 10%, Natural 100%, Areola Perk: 100%, nipples 100%, nipples big 100%).

She's an airhead. :)  She makes life impossible for our hero, introducing chaos on a scale not even seen.  Her dragonform is on the lower right.  For a bonus, a pin-up of Fyreheart in her preferred style of fashion.

Can't fault her, now can you? :)

Now, our hero's Bio!

Dragon Wife Char Bio by ~Atlantean6 on deviantART

Everything was cool until he married a Dragon.  And well, you know the rest. :D

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