Monday, June 21, 2010

Testing the Creative Commons License

Testing the Creative Commons License is pretty much an idea I had today.  I thought with all the PAs having sales on their birthdays, I could give something back and teach them the value of a Creative Commons license.

I thought of a Remix contest of my comic.  Still the first issue is still in production, but a remix -- a contest of Derivative Works based on it -- will bring the Creative Commons license to the fore. I was thinking of starting it in September and holding it until Halloween.  The categories are:
Remix -- Best still.
Remix -- Best dojinshi (comic).

I want my work to live beyond my lifetime.  To not be forgotten after a media haze of hype.  A Creative Commons license is a big way of giving back to the community and ensuring this.  After taking so much, and creating a lot, I think its time to tell a story that everyone can copy and share.  Galatea is a shared world, more so by this license and not by any other.  I just want to release the first issue on Webcomics Nation and first.

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