Saturday, June 26, 2010

Internet Surfing Makes You Smarter

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, surfing the Internet makes you smarter.  Doctor Mercola has jumped on this wonderful little tidbit and checked to verify the report.  And he found that it was astounding that one can, effectively, increase his critical thinking skills by surfing the Internet.  The Internet, like any technology, has brought both bad and good to us with the touch of our fingertips.  From the startling realization that Copyright is effectively broken by the Internet to a way you can access all kinds of disgusting and alluring stuff shows that the Internet is a vast repository of all Human Knowledge.

Back in Ancient Times, the rulers of Alexandria and Ephesus had put together extensive libraries.  Both apparently competed with each other, as the creation of the libraries brought the learned of the ancient World together.  Well, both libraries, including the Lyceum, were destroyed by interests that wanted to control learning.  That all changed with the introduction of the Printing Press.  And the next major revolution in technology was the computer, the home printer system, and the Internet.  Of all the technologies dealing with media, the Internet was the most revolutionary.

And even those that Rule hate it and are afraid of it.  For instance, there is a bill in Congress introduced that will allow the President to shut down the Internet in America in case of a Cyber Attack. (Senate bill 773)  If this bill passes, the President will have control over practically the majority of Internet Hubs on the planet.  He would be able to shut down the internet at any time he liked.

After all, when we surf the internet for information, the process activates many areas of our brain that is involved in cognition, choice making, and complex reasoning.   After all, reading isn't as natural as hunting and gathering for food.  In Paleolithic Times, the invention of Art was a big step in our evolution.  And writing was never invented in the first place, it was given to us (as the Egyptians say).  So, an archaic H. Sapiens man who started working with copper the first time and started working with pigments started using the Cerebrum of his brain.  After that, writing was discovered (or given by the Eloheim -- I prefer given), and we've had a media explosion of information ever since.  The paleolithic diet may be natural, but the act of reading isn't.

But the internet allows something that does come naturally to man.  The Act of Creation -- bringing something into existence -- is as natural to Man as breathing air.  The Internet, being a repository of all human knowledge, has made this act of creating much easier.

If you want to read Doctor Mercola's insights on the world wide web, you can go here.

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