Friday, June 4, 2010

Pathfinding Classes: The Warlock text is complete!

I just completed writing the text for Pathfinding Classes: the Warlock; a series of works where I am testing third tier and second tier publishing of Open Game Content from other companies (such as Atlas Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Paizo Publishing, and Guardians of Order [defunct]).

The first product deals with the Warlock, a class presented in the World of Warcraft RPG.  I converted all the spells for use for Pathfinder, adding my own subtle touches to make them unique (for instance, the rules for Shadow Bolt comes from Relics and Rituals).  Next comes illustration (in DAZ Studio) and typesetting and layout in Adobe Indesign.  After that, the work will be published for free download on various PDF download sites.

For ease of use, the document uses the OGL instead of the GSL.  All of it that I wrote that is not Open Game Content due to being declared Open Game Content by another company comes with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 U.S. License Attached.  In other words, the work lives in you when you play the Warlock class in your games and only in you.

If you use 4e, you need to convert this version of the Warlock class yourself.  I cannot and will not help you.  The GSL is too limiting and I could attract the ire of Wizards of the Coast's run away legal department (I blame Hasbro).  Anyway, if you enjoy using Pathfinding Classes: the Warlock in your games I'll be happy to accept a donation to my paypal account for the work that I've put into this.

This is the beginning of a revolution.  We who author products for Dungeons and Dragons and other roleplaying games are the RPG Content Industry.  The companies need us as much as they need your dollars to produce things for your enjoyment.  Enjoy the fruits of my labor once it is released.

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